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06 August 2011

Leading into the next 6 sentences for six sentence Sunday...

For Six Sentence Sunday, I’m sharing an excerpt from my story ‘Dirty Little Slayer’ over the course of five weeks. The first week (7/17) of what I call my “six sentences over six weeks” was from a different part of the book where Jay, the demon-slaying heroine, is exploring her feelings for a demon. Then, the next five weeks of the six are from later in the story when Jay is speaking to her best friend’s fiancé (Jett) about his skewed set of principles. (the * denotes a paragraph)
7/24: * Jett tossed her a quick glare. His features hardened again. "Gotcha. So where's my girl?"
* Here we go. She gave him a quick once over, making sure he didn't have any weapons on him. "Well, she's with an old friend of mine."
7/31: * "This friend isn't a male, is he?
* The question piqued her. Double standards much? "And what if the friend is a male? Who are you to talk?" She poked him in the chest, made sure her words were clear, concise and curt.

For the continuation of the excerpt, look for “Six Sentence Sunday ~ Dirty Little Slayer ~ 4” coming up in the next several minutes.

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