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20 August 2011

Leading into the next 6 sentences for six sentence Sunday...

For Six Sentence Sunday, I’m sharing an excerpt from my story ‘Dirty Little Slayer’ over the course of five weeks. The first week (7/17) of what I call my “six sentences over six weeks” was from a different part of the book where Jay, the demon-slaying heroine, is exploring her feelings for a demon. Then, the next five weeks of the six are from later in the story when Jay is speaking to her best friend’s fiancé (Jett) about his skewed set of principles. (the * denotes a paragraph)
7/24: * Jett tossed her a quick glare. His features hardened again. "Gotcha. So where's my girl?"
* Here we go. She gave him a quick once over, making sure he didn't have any weapons on him. "Well, she's with an old friend of mine."
7/31: * "This friend isn't a male, is he?
* The question piqued her. Double standards much? "And what if the friend is a male? Who are you to talk?" She poked him in the chest, made sure her words were clear, concise and curt.
8/7: (Jay is still speaking) "Banging another woman with your fiancée there? Then not even letting her participate because you're too into the slut? Yeah, I wouldn't blame Sophia a bit if she's banging Laurent seven ways to Sunday and enjoying every minute of it. If she were here, I'd give her my blessing and say go for it."
* "Laurent? Not Laurent Bouvier, the vampire?"
8/14: (Jett’s still speaking)
"…The man who owns this place?"
* "The one and only." Jay leaned back, smug and content that she'd nicked Jett's steely façade.
* "Damn." He ran a hand through his hair, messing up his locks. Turning a worried gaze her way, he frowned.

For the end of the excerpt, look for “Six Sentence Sunday ~ Dirty Little Slayer ~ 6” coming up in the next several minutes.

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