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18 October 2011

Looking for some of my stories?

Hi all!
Looking for some of my stories? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out what happened. Recently I’ve received my books/rights back on several stories. No, nothing bad happened. It was a personal business move on my part, and though there were issues, there is no ill will on my end toward the house(s) I now once published with. I will say one thing though to all my author friends out there and those looking to be published…keep tabs on your contracts, the wording within them, dates and signatures. Unsure of something? Consult an intellectual property attorney. Enough said.
So… As for the stories released to me, some I plan on shining up and finding homes for, like The Mystics; Concealed Affairs; Beautiful People; The Si’Ludo Prophecy books & The Cat stories. Some or all of those, or maybe others, I may self-publish, like The Decision & the longer Dirty Little books, depending upon what occurs. Some might be out there as free reads…I’m thinking Dirty Little Secret and DL Lie. Of course, before I do anything with the stories they’ll be revised and re-checked by my crit group & renamed and all that good stuff. Right now, though, I have several other irons in the fire to take care of before I tackle my older stuff, but once I get a game plan in place, I’ll be sure to let you know. :)
This also means that my Six Sentence Sunday will be changing up since Dirty Little Demons was one of the released books/contracts. Instead, I’ll be promoting more of Wild West Weekend, and once I get edits, then I’ll focus on Chasing Miss Kringle and Sunset Desires, so be sure to stay tuned for those hot stories!
As always…
Happy Reading!
C.R. Moss


Beth Trissel said...

Good luck with your new endeavors.

C.R. Moss / Casey Moss said...

Thanks Beth! I'm seeing a bright future ahead. :)
C.R. Moss