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28 October 2011

Welcome special guest: author Morgan Kearns @MorganKearns

Today we have author, Morgan Kearns, visiting. Morgan survived the intense and ever-changing insanity of television news for nearly 10 years before retiring to enter the jungle of raising four children. She writes novels that are ‘a real page turner’ and ‘couldn’t put the book down’ reads.

* So, Morgan, what inspired you to become a writer?
An idea struck one day and I began writing down the story. It was my first attempt and I cringe at the thought of opening that manuscript because my writing style has changed substantially since then. I still love those characters, though, and hope to go back someday to finish writing their story so I can introduce them to the world.
* How many stories did you complete before you sold your first?
Gosh, I don’t know. Fifteen? Twenty?
* What genre(s) do you write in?
Romance; Contemporary and Paranormal at this point. What drew you to write in it/them? I am a Happily-Ever-After kind of girl! If it (book, movie, whatever) doesn’t end in HEA, I’m not interested. J With that said, HEA is the definition of the romance genre. Well, okay, I guess we have to count Happily-For-Now as well. *shrugs* But usually there aren’t tears at the end of a romance novel unless it’s really, really happy—which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. What’s your favorite genre of all to write in? That’s a tough one. I guess it would have to depend on which muse is speaking at the time, then he’s definitely my favorite be he vampire, shifter, or plain ol’ hot-blooded, sexy man!
* What are the best and worst pieces of writing advice you ever received?
Best advice? I’d have to say “write what you know”. Yes, it’s cliché, but it’s so very true. One of the biggest compliments I get from readers of Fade to Black and In It To Win It is that they love the realism of the newsroom. I couldn’t have done that without having lived it. My advice: if you can’t live it, then do your research. The worst advice I ever got actually came from my eighth grade English teacher: You probably shouldn’t write. Now, that’s probably not what she really said, but that was my interpretation of her grading techniques. I didn’t write for over 20 years after that. I’m so very glad I didn’t listen to her advice.
* How do you celebrate/deal with acceptance/rejection letters?
Rejection is part of exposing yourself. It’s never easy to have someone say no. I actually have a file folder where rejection letters go. Some of them have actually given me a laugh. For example: An agent sent me a form letter with a flyer for his book that I could purchase for $19.99 plus s/h. No, I didn’t buy it. Acceptance? That’s easy…We par-tay down! Even my kids do a happy-dance. *grins*
* In regard to the book you’re promoting, which actor and actress do you envision playing the roles of your hero and heroine? If there’s a villain or other characters who are pertinent to the story, who would play those parts?
Grayson could be played by Alex O’Loughlin or George Eads, but they’d need a goatee. Jane could be played by Kiera Knightley, maybe? Or Hillary Duff when she has dark hair?  If there’s a villain or other characters who are pertinent to the story, who would play those parts? Molly could be played by Anna Faris, Xavier could be played by Colin Farrell, Nate? *shrugs* I don’t know. I’ve tried to give him a famous persona and just can’t do it. Nate Hughes is truly one of a kind. LOL!
* The book you’re promoting, is it a stand-alone story or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, please list the order the books need to be read in for maximum reading enjoyment.
IN IT TO WIN IT is technically a stand-alone. However, there are characters that carry over from my debut novel, Fade to Black. And coming sometime late next spring there will be a follow up with characters from In It To Win It. Xavier gets his own story and oh, it’s an interesting one! There are spoilers for Fade to Black in IN IT TO WIN IT, though.
*** Now for some fun info… ***
* Are you a cat, dog or both kind of person?
Dog. I love their loyalty. Our family dog is an English Bulldog named Gus. He is the greatest dog ever! Especially when he tries to fit his 90lb body in my lap to snuggle. *grin*
* Are you a morning person or night owl?
Night owl. I love the quiet at night after all the kids have gone to bed. If I have a project due, I’ll stay up all night rather than get up early. Thank heaven for caffeine!
* What’s your favorite day of the week?
Any day I get to sleep past 7:00am. *laughs*

*** About Morgan’s books… ***
In It To Win It was initially written in about two weeks for a contest. In its original form it was less than 25,000 words. When I sent it off I hoped that it wouldn’t be accepted because there was so much that didn’t get told. How often does an author hope for rejection as soon as they enter their submission? Yep, I’m nuts! Thankfully, I got the “thanks, but no thanks” and added 50,000 words.
     Tagline: Take one saucy sportscaster, add baseball’s notorious bad-boy,
throw in 15 years of frenzied feelings & an exclusive interview with strings attached...and you get a reunion that’s sure to get knocked out of the park!
     In It To Win It is available on Kindle, Nook, other ebook  as well as at

***Find Morgan here***
Twitter: @MorganKearns (

Thank you for joining us here today, Morgan! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your work.

Morgan is happy to give away a digital copy of In It To Win It. To enter, she requests you become a follower of this blog^ and like her facebook author page (@AuthorMorganKearns). Winner will be drawn after 6 PM PST on Thursday, November 3 and notified.
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