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04 November 2011

Welcome special guest: author Gabrielle Bisset @gabriellebisset

Today we have author, Gabrielle Bisset, visiting. Her bio: I’m a college history professor during the day, but by nights and weekends, I’m an erotic romance author. My first book was released in June, 2011, and since then I’ve released four more books, including my most recent novel, Destiny Redeemed.  I live in Pennsylvania with my son and far too many cats.

* So,
Gabrielle, what inspired you to become a writer?
I became a writer because one day I just had something to say.  I’d thought about becoming a writer for a long time, but I’d never had a story to tell.  One day when I did, I began to write, and I haven’t stopped.
* When did you attempt your first story? What length was it? What's become of it?
I attempted my first romance story a few years ago, and it still sits in a drawer, hidden away.  It’s about 60K words.
* How many stories did you complete before you sold your first?
I only completed the one that sits in the drawer and then I began work on my first sold book, Stolen Destiny. Now as for stories in the non-romance field, well, those number in the dozens.
* What genre(s) do you write in? What drew you to write in it/them? What’s your favorite genre of all to write in?
I write in erotic paranormal romance and erotic historical romance.  As a history professor, I guess it’s natural that I would gravitate to historical romance, but I love paranormal too.  I love both of them, so I don’t think I can pick a favorite genre.
* What are the best and worst pieces of writing advice you ever received?
The best piece of writing advice I received is to believe in myself. The worst piece of writing advice I received was that readers won’t accept a terribly flawed character.
* How do you celebrate/deal with acceptance/rejection letters?
When I received notice that Siren Publishing wanted to publish my book, I was very excited.  I called all my friends and there was a great deal of smiling that day.  As for rejection letters, I take them in stride.
* In regard to the book you’re promoting, which actor and actress do you envision playing the roles of your hero and heroine? If there’s a villain or other characters who are pertinent to the story, who would play those parts?
This one’s tough.  The hero of Destiny Redeemed is Amon, a 6’6” blond man, so I guess the only actor who comes to mind is Alexander Skarsgard, the actor who plays Eric Northman on True Blood.  As for Thea, the heroine, I think Amanda Seyfried would work. There is a villain, Kiril, but as of yet, I haven’t found any actor who captures his look.  The character is from Eastern Europe and has a very sinister vibe to him, but he’s relatively young—in his early 30s.
* The book you’re promoting, is it a stand-alone story or part of a series? If it’s part of a series, please list the order the books need to be read in for maximum reading enjoyment.
Destiny Redeemed can be read as a stand-alone story, but it’s part of the Destined Ones series of books.  The first book in the series, Stolen Destiny, isn’t required reading to understand the story of Destiny Redeemed, but I certainly would never tell someone not to read it! :) The books in the series are only connected by the idea of Aeveren.
*** Now for some fun info… ***
* What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color is blue, especially deep and dark blues.
* Are you a cat, dog or both kind of person?
I’m definitely a cat person.  In fact, if I’m not careful, I’ll be called the cat lady soon.  I can’t help having a soft spot for strays.  It’s the reason I have five cats.
* What’s your favorite number?
My favorite number is seven because my birthday is 7/7 and I was born at 6:01 am. I’ve always found 7 to be very lucky for me.

*** About the book… ***
My latest release is Destiny Redeemed. The main character, Amon, was in another book, Stolen Destiny, and insisted on having his own book. Here’s the blurb:
Between fate and destiny stands their love...
Sentenced to spend the rest of his three remaining lifetimes in Nil, Amon Kalins is freed with the help of his Sidhe servant, Gethen, but now he must accept his life is never to be his again as the Council won't rest until he's safely back imprisoned within Nil's cold walls. Broken and nearly dead from his time in prison, Amon is saved by an Aeveren healer named Althea Forester. As a healer, Thea has served her people for forty-five lifetimes, never having a destined one and always knowing each lifetime would ultimately end with her alone. But destiny hasn't forgotten her.
Drawn to the seductive Amon, Thea quickly becomes a pawn the Council uses to trap him. Taken prisoner by the sadistic leader of the rebel group, the Soren, Thea must survive the vicious world of the people hellbent on taking her destined one away forever, and Amon must risk everything dear to him to free her from those who would sacrifice her to claim the bigger prize and return him to Nil.
Readers can find Destiny Redeemed at:
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Thank you for joining us here today, Gabrielle! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your work.


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Thanks so much for having me here today at your blog!

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