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07 January 2012

Shameless Saturday ~ bragging about RM Sotera ( @rmsotera @sirenbookstrand #SO )

Hi everyone! I wanted to do some shameless bragging about my friend’s new book available at Siren Publishing.
Over the New Year holiday, RM Sotera had been hanging out on Siren’s 100 best seller list, flirting around in the 90’s. Yay! I was so stoked to see her up there and did some shout outs at the time I saw her on the list, but I wanted to crow about it again. Plus, I’d love (& I’m sure she would too) to see her book continue to be on the list and climb even higher, of course toward the number one slot.
What’s the book you ask? The story is called Cassadaga Moon. It’s a romance with a catholic good girl and blood drinking bad boy…and he’s not a mythical vampire! Got your attention now, eh? The book’s full of conflict, sexy romps, blood drinking, suspense, and a sex swing. Hot, right?

RM will be on later in the month talking about her journey to publication with this particular story and the research she had to do in regard to the lifestyle described in the book. For now though, why don’t you pick up a copy of this sexy read and help her ascend the charts? ;)
Check it out here: & find more of her books at these two links: &
Happy Reading!

1 comment:

RM Sotera said...


I am truly humbled by your blog post. I know, that you know the trials and tribulations I went through trying to see this novel published. You were definately wind beneath my wings when this process started. When I was getting called sick in the head for this storyline, you talked me off the ledge, and understood the deeper meaning of the story. It's friends like you that make the world go round. :)