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03 April 2012

Tuesday Tea with Kris Tualla ~ 'Norway is the new Scotland!' ( @ktualla )

Hi all! Grab a cup of tea – or whatever it is you like to drink – and join in the discussion. Today we have Kris Tualla visiting and giving us a look into her dynasty - The Hansen Series ~ Norway is the new Scotland! She's also the creator of Arizona Dreamin' - Arizona's first romance-reader event!
About our guest: Kris Tualla, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romances, writes with a fast-paced and succinct style. Her plots are full of twists, passion, and very satisfying outcomes! Kris started in 2006 with nothing but a nugget of a character in mind, and has created the Norway based dynasty.
   Kris is also an active member of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime. She is an enthusiastic speaker and teacher.
   I asked her to share the background and information for her current release. Welcome Kris!

My latest release, A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery, is the first in a crime/suspense trilogy starring Brander Hansen ~ a DEAF private investigator in 1720s Norway. Brander lost his hearing at age 7, and his inheritance at age 23. Furious, he bolted from Hansen Hall in Arendal to Christiania (now Olso) to find a way to earn enough money to buy his own estate and prove his father wrong. All was going well until the Baroness Regin Kildahl engaged "Lord Olsen" (Brander's investigator pseudonym) to help her save her own estate.
   A couple years ago I read an article which stated that women are attracted to men who look at them like they are the only person in the room. I thought, "Who does that? Deaf men!" Brander was born.
   And because I write historical stories, I knew I had to ignore what bits I know of American Sign Language, and be politically IN-correct when people deal with Brander as a deaf man. But I was able to include believable deaf attitudes in his personality. Brander's character arc begins in Discovery, and continues through A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony (August 2012) and A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence (December 2012). So far.


Brander sat in his room after supper and read the woman's letter again, trying to discern what it was that troubled him. She was saying something he couldn't quite hear.
   My esteemed Lord Olsen, the letter addressed his pseudonym,
   You have come well recommended to me as a discreet gentleman who might be able to discover information of a highly sensitive nature. This information concerns my husband, Lord Thorlak Skogen, Baron of Hamar. His behavior has become secretive of late and I am concerned for his safety.
   Might you be able to help? And while I hesitate to mention recompense, I fear I must ask what fees will be required and when payment is due in the event your answer is affirmative.
   I look forward to your prompt and encouraging response.
   Lady Regin Kildahl Skogen
   Baroness of Hamar

Brander's chamber door opened; the movement pulled his attention from the letter. Niels closed the door to the common hallway with his hip. He carried a bottle of red wine and two pewter goblets. He handed Brander a generous glassful and poured one for himself. After the valet sat in the only other chair in the room, he leaned over to catch Brander's eye.
   "What's on your mind?" he asked.
   Brander shrugged and held up the letter from the reprobate's wife for Niels to see.
   "Is something amiss?"
   Brander circled his middle finger and thumb together, their agreed-on gesture for 'no.' Then he switched his first finger to his thumb, 'yes.' Then he tapped his middle finger to his temple: I don't know.
   Niels held out his palm and wiggled his fingers. Brander handed him the letter then closed his eyes and concentrated on the message between the woman's neatly inked words.
   Obviously, Lady Skogen knew that her husband was involved in some sort of scandalous behaviors. Calling him by his full name and title was intended to let Lord Olsen know how important his discretion would be. And the claims 'of late' and 'for his safety' were nearly universal when people brought their concerns to him. Denial was a useful tool for maintaining one's sanity.
   Especially when one was standing over the precipice of ruin, as was Lady Skogen.
   And she knew it; Brander was certain of that fact. Her concern about payment was another common thread, but few asked outright in their initial inquiry. She must be at the end of her resources. And that was no surprise, considering what he already learned about the man.
   Niels nudged his boot. Brander opened his eyes and met his cousin's gaze.
   "She's in trouble, Brand."
   He nodded.
   "How much do you think she knows?"
   More than she says, he motioned.
   "I would agree." Niels handed him the letter. "What now?"

*Brander sighed and gestured: I shall write her tomorrow.

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"Norway is the new Scotland!" Kris Tualla’s Website

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