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17 September 2012

A #MM ~ Heroes Live Forever by Chris Karlsen ( @GoddessFish )

Today I'd like to welcome, Chris Karlsen. She's here to share information on her book Heroes Live Forever.

A bit about Chris...
* I was born and raised in Chicago. My father was a history professor and my mother was, and is, a voracious reader. I grew up with a love of history and books.
* My parents also love traveling, a passion they passed onto me. I wanted to see the places I read about, see the land and monuments from the time periods that fascinated me. I’ve had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout Europe, the Near East, and North Africa.
* I am a retired police detective. I spent twenty-five years in law enforcement with two different agencies. My desire to write came in my early teens. After I retired, I decided to pursue that dream.
* I currently live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, four rescue dogs and a rescue horse.

~ Blurb ~
* Elinor Hawthorne has inherited a house haunted by the ghosts of two medieval knights, Basil Manneville and Guy Guiscard. Basil is the man of her dreams, her knight in shining armor. She falls in love with him and he with her. Basil soon realizes she needs to live a normal life, a happy life with a mortal.
* A lifetime later fate intervenes. Basil, still in love with Elinor, is told her spirit lives on in a young woman and he is given another chance at life to find her.

~ Excerpt ~
* He turned her around and untied the laces of her dress. His fingers lingered at each sliver of exposed skin the open laces left. The gown fell away from her shoulders and rough palms eased the sleeves down, freeing the arms. He inched the dress over hips, unwrapping her like a gift, the silk pillowing at her feet like a bronze cloud.

~ Where to find Chris... ~

~ Where to buy her books... ~
Barnes & Noble

Giveaway! Chris will be giving away a digital copy of her thriller, "Golden Chariot" to one randomly drawn commenter at every stop, and a $50 Amazon gift card to another randomly drawn commenter during the tour. So be sure to leave your name and email so you can be contacted if you win!


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting Chris

chris karlsen said...

Thank you for inviting me today. I look forward to talking to everyone.

Just a note: I will be away from my office for a brief time: 9:30 am PST to approx. 12:30 this afternoon.

Since Heroes Live Forever has two handsome ghosts, let me ask everyone, who among you believes in ghosts?