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10 June 2013

An EPIC(TM) Blog ~ Debi Sullivan, Competitions Chair ( @EPICorg #MM #SO )

* Today I'm happy to welcome EPIC's Competitions Chair, Debi Sullivan. But first, a little bit about the wonderful organization...
* EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition(TM), was incorporated in 1998 to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing. Once an authors' organization, EPIC(TM) has expanded to include hundreds of professionals from all facets of the electronic publishing industry: authors, publishers, editors, artists, and others. EPIC(TM) members work together in a unique collaboration to further the industry. EPIC(TM) is not a publisher, but aspiring authors are invited to look at our member publishers. Check out "Our Members" for listings of our author, publisher, and other industry members.
* For more about the organization, visit

Now onto the interview! Welcome, Debi! Tell us, when did you join EPIC?
* I joined EPIC in 2001.

What did you hope to gain from being a part of the organization?
* As a freelance editor, I initially joined EPIC to expand my contact base. I was intrigued by EPIC’s focus and wanted to be an active participant in an organization which, at the time, was the only one actively supporting epublishing while educating the public about electronic publishing.
* EPIC continues to maintain its reputation as a global forward-thinking organization that supports electronic publishing and I am excited to be a part of such an innovative and encompassing organization.

And, what have you gained from being a part of the organization?
* LOL…so much! I have gained wonderful friends, broadened my contact base and clientele, and expanded my personal knowledge of the electronic publishing industry.

Do you hold a position within the organization, and if so, could you tell us how you stepped into the position and what it entails?
* Wow! You have some tough questions. Let’s see if I can remember that far back. LOL Ok, here is the boring timeline. *grin*
* From the beginning, I was actively involved in EPIC’s interests. In my mind, volunteering to be a part of the eBook competitions was just another aspect of my membership.
* In 2005, as an ardent supporter of EPIC’s desire to educate young writers in all aspects of epublishing, I volunteered to judge our newest competition, The New Voices Young Writers Competition. In 2006 I took on more responsibilities when I was asked to assist the New Voices Competition Chair, all due to the overwhelming response to this new competition. Guess I did a pretty good job (*grin*) as I was asked to take over her position later that year.
* I learned a great deal about the behind-the-scenes workings of our eBook competition when I was asked to assist the new ebook Chair with the 2007 eBook competition, then known as the EPPIES. The dedication and attention to detail required for such an evolving and global competition was illuminating.
* It was during our 2008 Portland conference that I was handed the keys to the competition kingdoms and became EPIC’s Competitions Chair, responsible for our current competitions: the eBook, Ariana Art, and New Voices Young Writers. You can address me as “Queen of All Things Competition.” *big grin*
* But I do not do all of this alone. No one could.
* I am blessed to have remarkable and staunch volunteers who provide constant support and insight as I coordinate EPIC’s competitions, allowing our competitions to maintain an unsurpassed reputation for confidentiality, for fairness and excellence in performance and results, as they evolve with the industry.

If you were speaking to someone who was interested in joining, what would you tell them are the benefits of membership?
* Gee, where do I start?
* EPIC’s membership is welcoming and their unfailing support is never-ending; whether personal or professional, through the good and bad, we are there for one another.
* Yes, we do have our moments of dissension and heated discussion, but show me any family or group where there is constant peace. *grin* I believe that our constant communication, however, is one of our strongest mainstays.
* As for membership benefits, they are constant changing. We offer significant entry discounts for our competitions and have an excellent and passionate promotional team who are constantly on the lookout for advantageous offers for our membership.

Thank you for joining us today, Debi, and telling us about EPIC(TM) and your part in the organization. Do you have a bio and/or any links you'd like to share?
* I am the worst one to ask this question, as I do not have a website. Yeah, I know I should, but my time has been devoted to other endeavors. As for background, I have been a freelance editor since 1999 and currently work with a limited number of authors who are extremely patient with the time-constraints EPIC has inadvertently imposed on my time. I am working on a website. *grin* But only time will tell when it will be accessible.
* Anyone can reach me through I am always accessible and welcome inquiries about our organization and competitions. If you are seeking immediate information about our organization and competitions, your best bet is to visit our website at

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Debi Sullivan said...

Thanks for the interview Have to say it was the toughest one ever. :D