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09 January 2016

a look at Mandy Rosko & 'As Cold As Ice' @Rizzorosko #nkauthorservices #ParanormalRomance

Today we have author Mandy Rosko visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Mandy Rosko loves writing paranormal romances with werewolves, dragons and people with special powers. She is the author of the Things in the Night Series, Night and Day, and the Dangerous Creatures Series.
* She does M/F, M/M, a touch of medieval under her other pen name, Rizzo Rosko, and pretty much anything else she's in the mood to write (which makes things confusing for readers since that means she's too much of a flake to stick to any one brand).
* Favorite authors right now are anyone who writes dangerous and tortured heroes ;) Now some fun facts...
* 1: I like drawing, painting and coloring but am no good at any of them
* 2: My best writing day is nearly 12K words in one day
* 3: Despite writing lots of erotic books, I actually really love to read the Teen Genre best :)
* 4: I have over a hundred and twenty erotic M/M novellas published with Siren Publishing as Marcy Jacks. Most of them involving werewolves and male pregnancies, because those are fun :D
* 5: I want to go back to college and take an illustration course to improve those art skills I'm no good at.
* 6: One day I would like to make short comics or fun illustrations for my books
* 7: For a couple of months, I went to the Michael's art store every day with one of their 40% off coupons to buy expensive markers since buying them all at once was too expensive. That's how committed I am to a deal. #Cheap
* 8: When I went to New Orleans for RT in 2014, I think I was the only one there who couldn't eat the food because of food sensitivities
* 9: The cab driver said the alligator meat was really just for tourists anyway.
* 10: I love video games. I've had to become more of a casual gamer to keep up with my word count, but I still love video games. Anything from japan with bouncing boob graphics is awesome (don't let anyone tell you different), and when I played Mass Effect 3, I completed it 3 times. When I played Dragon Age Origins, I completed it twice (it's 50 hour game BTW) and Dragon Age Two I completed three times so I could romance Anders twice and Fenris once. To my great shame I only have 75 hours clocked onto Destiny and have yet to play Taken King. Lately, I prefer Hatsune Miku games. They're quick and fun for busy writers like me :) OSU! Online is the best online rhythm game there is, and it's free. Look into it! I want someone to play with!
* 11: It depresses me when I buy games and no longer have time to play them. Xenoblade Chronicles remains unopened, and sadly, so does Dying Light and Alien for the PS4 :(
* 12: My favorite thing to do is torture my heroes, though that annoys some readers for some reason.
* 13: My favorite book boyfriends are also super tortured and bad ass. My brother hates the trope of the bad guy becoming good, but I love it.
* 14: I hate cooking and doing the dishes. That's why I bought an air fryer, though the apartment doesn't have space for a dishwasher.
* 15: In Canadian Winter, I keep grumbling about training the dog to use the toilet, but like a bad parent, never follow through with the threat.
* 16: Seriously, I can cook things decently, but whenever it comes to cooking in the oven, or baking something, be wary if I'm serving to you. I've given people food poisoning before, and to this day don't know how it happened.
* 17: One thing I use to entertain myself would be to plan my own funeral. Not for real, but just casually. I like to think that I'd have a Ferris wheel there, with an ice cream vendor and carnival games for the kids, with toys and prizes everywhere. The best thing ever would be the piƱata. It would look like a cartoon dead me, with crossed out eyes and my tongue sticking out. Hanging from the neck of course, and all the children would be invited to have a whack at it until the guts split open with gummy worms and other gross candies for them to gnaw on. I think a comedian telling sexist jokes, especially death jokes, would really liven that funeral up. Get it? Liven. People would leave that funeral satisfied for the fun they'd had and sad that I couldn't die a second time so they could go again next year or something.
* 18: Sometimes I write over 120K words per month. I pretty much want to kill everything those months.
* 19: I'm working on a new paranormal series now. December 2015 is going to be one of those months where I want to kill everything. Except for my dog, of course.
* 20: Hoping to have the first in that series released in mid March. God, that would be awesome.
* 21: I'm also co-writing a series of tween books with my brother. So far only one is finished. Another one of those kill-everything months is apparently on the horizon
* 22: Star Wars rules. Haters can suck it. ;) (hate the prequels all you like, however. Those are open territory as far as I'm concerned)
* 23: Because I waste too much time on Youtube, I've turned into one of the Starbucks people I used to make fun of and hate. It's the only place I can work quickly now despite the noise. Then one day I looked up, realized I was a regular customer and had a Goddamn Apple device just like everyone else at the table. A piece of me died that day.
* 24: I love their Caramel Soy Frappucinos, but also hate myself a little for loving them.
* 25: Last fun fact! Did you know that if you hop on over to: and if you sign up for my newsletter, I will send you a starter library which as of this writing has (gasp!) three free PNR books! (It's actually two books and a novella, but I'm trying to be all impressive, here)
What are you going to tell us about today?
~ Blurb ~
* As a former hunter, and a paranormal in hiding, Jessica Frost knew of the dangers of being caught.
* Well, she'd been caught. Jessica had stupidly revealed her powers of ice and snow to save her friends, and now she was in shackles, in a box, being examined and forced to fight to survive. But she'd trained for this. Jessica had to live long enough to make a plan, to escape. Luckily, she has something in her back pocket.
* That plan is Soren Birgir, kind of quiet, kind of cute—okay, gorgeous. He's a lab rat working for Head Office, studying the creatures brought in, but also a paranormal himself. Jessica can't put her finger on exactly what he is, but it's something big and powerful, and one wrong word from her could put him in a box next to hers. Strangely, Soren doesn't resist. Maybe that crush he'd seemed to have on her had been the real deal after all. Well, that was a downer. He was handsome, and she liked kissing him—really liked it—but Jessica couldn't afford to get close. She couldn't afford to be swept away whenever Soren did something that made her heart ache.
* Like stand up for her and protect her. The feeling it brought made her weak in the knees. Weak enough to desire him, to want to escape with him. Something that would be entirely impossible. Unless a miracle happened, one person would have to stay for the other to go, and Jessica was determined that it be her, even if it ripped her heart in half to do it. Her powers were over the cold, so it wasn't a stretch that she could make her heart cold to her feelings long enough to leave Soren behind. Right?
* AS COLD AS ICE is the third book in Mandy Rosko’s DANGEROUS CREATURES series. The DANGEROUS CREATURES series contains stand-alone stories about paranormals living amongst people without powers, and can be read in any order.
* The DANGEROUS CREATURES series includes: Burns Like Fire; A Shock To Your System; As Cold As Ice; & Let Me Play A Trick On You – coming soon!
~ Excerpt ~
* For an excerpt, please visit the Amazon link below and click on the book cover there for the Look Inside feature.
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Thank you for joining us here today, Mandy Rosko! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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Mandy Rosko said...

Hi there! Mandy here, thanks so much for posting this! Happy to be on your blog! :D