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28 April 2016

5 new Dare to Love Kindle World novellas! #NKBlogTours

Join us as we release 5 new Dare to Love Kindle World novellas!
by authors A.C. James, Angel Payne, Cathryn Fox, Victoria Blue and Wendy S Marcus
~ A Scandalous Dare by A.C. James ~
* Sawyer can’t deny his desire to the stunning and seductive Harper Ridgeway. His future with her means confronting a scandal that puts his career as a football player with the Miami Thunder in danger.
* Harper Ridgeway must represent him in a defamation case caused by a conniving woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend.
* Will Harper trust that the client she's representing is telling the truth and give into her growing attraction? Or will this con artist ruin both his skyrocketing career and budding relationship?
* Passion ignites in this contemporary workplace romance which is part of Carly Phillips Dare to Love Series on Kindle Worlds.
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~ An Elite Dare by Angel Payne ~
* Some would call it sacrilege.
* I’m living in Paris for a whole month. The city of light and lovers—and now, the newest jewel in Gabriel Dare’s nightclub empire, the Elite Paris, with me as its grand opening DJ—means I’m living a dream. But I don’t want it. I’m only in this for the money, period. Even then, I never would have considered the gig if not for the pleas of my newest friend, Avery Dare. You see, Avery and I share a few commonalities—like daddy issues. Maybe confronting mine, and earning a nice bonus while I’m at it, will be the key to finally putting my past behind me.
* I never asked fate to set up an alternate plan. But the bitch did. Royally.
* Out of all the nightclubs in the city to invest in, Lucien Paget picked Gabriel’s. Now, the billionaire with the gaze of a demon and the body of an archangel has decided on a new challenge for himself. Me.
* It’s pretty hysterical, this little “dare” of his—made even funnier by the money he insists on throwing behind it. But it’s his fortune, and if he wants to invest it in a few platonic dates with me, who am I to argue? He probably thinks his impossible beauty will sway me toward giving up the “extras”…and that his charm will topple me into true love. Well, the joke’s on him.
* Then why am I not laughing?
* Why do I want to atone for my sacrilege…by giving in to Lucien’s sinful desire?
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~ A Tempting Dare by Cathryn Fox ~
* The last place Miami divorce attorney, Katherine Quinn wants to be is at her family’s Hampton home for their annual reunion, especially when she sets eyes on him. Sebastian James: hot shot sports medicine doctor for Miami Thunder, her big brother’s best friend, and the only guy she’s ever really wanted. What will it take for him to see that his Kitty Kat is all grown up, and just waiting for him to make her purr? Her friend dares her to seduce him. How tempting. Jaded by her career, she isn’t looking for love, but a weekend of hot sex to pass the time is just what she needs to get through the weekend.
* It’s been a long ten years of look but don’t touch, and Sebastian has almost reached his limit, especially when Kat initiates a plan of seduction guaranteed to test his resolve as well as his professionalism. Her sweet kisses and searing touches threaten his loyalty to her brother, but he’s willing to risk it all to show her he’s the kind of man she doesn’t believe exists.
* Will this cynical divorce lawyer still be his when the weekend ends, or will she serve him his walking papers and close the file on what could have been forever?
~ Buy ~
~ Rival's Dare by Victoria Blue ~
* Does the name Alex Dare ring a bell? Well I’m the guy who rang his bell—literally. My name is Rival McGuire, and my career soared to new heights while his crumbled into retirement from the head injury I dished out.
* My father’s proudest moment.
* The moment I’ve been trying to forget.
* Now, if I can learn to live with the man I’ve become, maybe I can find the happiness I’ve been searching for my entire life with one incredible woman, Lennon Mayes. She says she loves me for the man I am, not the man everyone else thinks I am.
* Can I believe her? I’m not sure. I have no idea if I can become the man she thinks I am. But if I don’t figure it out soon, I’ll lose more than the hunger I left behind on the gridiron that day.
* I’ll lose her.
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~ A Dare With Consequences by Wendy S. Marcus ~
* One night on the Island of Eden changes two lives forever.
* Ren Monighan is living the dream, running his very successful business from a condo overlooking beautiful Miami Beach – not that he’s around much to enjoy the view. He spends so much time traveling between professional and college football teams, filming practices and creating virtual reality play simulations, he has none left over to look for love. But passing a few hours naked with a pretty bartender named, Anya, fits into his schedule just fine.
* Anya Solokov has been working hard to make a better life for herself in New York. She’s moved past her days of scrounging for food and doing things she isn’t proud of to survive. An MBA from NYU will guarantee her independence and ensure she never has to scrimp and save or go hungry again. When an unplanned pregnancy puts Anya’s lifelong goal in jeopardy, Ren’s ready to step up. But headstrong Anya won’t accept his help unless he comes up with a plan that works for both of them.
~ Buy ~

Thank you for joining us here today! It was a pleasure getting to know all of you and your stories.

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