27 August 2015

A Look At Iris Dorbian & 'Diary of a Mad Club Girl' @IrisDorbian @GoddessFish #Contemporary #Fiction

Today we have author Iris Dorbian visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* Iris Dorbian is a former actress turned business journalist/blogger. Her articles have appeared in a wide number of outlets that include the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Venture Capital Journal, DMNews, CFO.com, Playbill, Backstage, Theatermania, Live Design, Media Industry Newsletter and PR News. From 1999 to 2007, Iris was the editor-in-chief of Stage Directions. She is the author of “Great Producers: Visionaries of the American Theater," which was published by Allworth Press in August 2008. Her personal essays have been published in Blue Lyra Review, B O D Y, Embodied Effigies, Jewish Literary Journal, Skirt! Diverse Voices Quarterly and Gothesque Magazine. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Today Iris Dorbian will be talking about how she became a writer and what inspired her in regard to the story she's promoting.
* I think I was always a writer in my soul yet it wasn’t something I fully acknowledged until later on in life. Certainly, my love of words and storytelling guided me toward that path. But it wasn't until I attended Columbia's Journalism School that I truly become a professional writer.
* Of course, some creative writing stalwarts might blanch at the notion that through journalism I became a writer, thinking those two disciplines are diametrically opposed. However, that kind of thinking is faulty. Journalism gives me the tools to tell a story, to ask the relevant questions, fill in the necessary details albeit within a factual context. Writing a novel is almost the same except the material you’re dealing with isn’t a news story but a story forged within the crucible of the imagination.
* In the case of “Love, Loss and Longing in the Age of Reagan,” I had been wanting to write for the longest time a coming of age novel based on my experiences as a very callow and naïve student attending NYU in the early 1980s. There were so many things that transpired during those four years, things which left a lasting psychological imprint on me, that I knew if I was going to write fiction it would have to start with those years. Plus, it was truly a very fascinating period—MTV was in its infancy, the internet did not exist, yuppies were ruling Wall Street and cocaine was the drug du jour. And in the first NYU dorm I lived in, I was surrounded by people who were so gifted they would later become this social, political and artistic crème de la crème. To give you an example, Bill Wilhelm (whom New Yorkers know better as Mayor de Blasio) was the president of the dorm! I remember when he campaigned for the spot and I just couldn’t understand why anyone would want that position!
* So in many ways, “Love, Loss and Longing in the Age of Reagan” is a roman a clef although a lot has been fictionalized. It’s also my affectionate tribute to a long-lost bygone chapter in my life.
A look into...
~ Blurb ~
* It's the early 1980s, MTV is in its infancy, the Internet does not exist, Ronald Reagan is president and yuppies are ruling Wall Street. Edie is a naïve NYU student desperate to lose her virginity and to experience adventure that will finally make her worldly, setting her further apart from her bland suburban roots. But in her quest to mold herself into an ideal of urban sophistication, the New Jersey-born co-ed gets more than she bargained for, triggering a chain of events that will have lasting repercussions.
~ Excerpt ~
* After sleeping through the next two days, I found myself wide awake, playing the grooves out of Flock of Seagull’s “Telecommunication” on my roommate’s turntable. For some inexplicable reason, I always felt compelled to play this vinyl disc as nightly ritual in preparation for my job at the Ritz.
* As droning synthesizers ushered in this song, which sounded like something George and Jane Jetson would listen to on crack, I’d pull out from my bureau the short and slightly pleated black skirt I got at Macy’s at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey. The store was having a special “New Wave” sale and I, eager, to fortify my loyalty to the passing trends of my volatile youth, bought up some stock that consisted of a yellow lame dress that I had convinced myself looked like it came out of the ‘20s and a really cool Betsy Johnson sweater skirt that had purple and pink butterflies strewn all over it. Because Ritz management decreed that all waitresses wear black, I shoved my legs into black Capezio tights and threw on a black sweater whose sleeves and collar were trimmed with a furry boa I adored.
* Usually by the time the tune ended, I was ready to go, dressed head to toe in full Ritz regalia. This was my cue to turn the needle back to where it started, scratch it up some more and play the ditty yet again. I fed off every detail of this clockwork ritual, the way a diabetic feeds off insulin. It was a necessary prelude to an evening rarely without consequence. I was steeling myself for the possible insanity that awaited me.
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Thank you for joining us here today, Iris Dorbian! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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26 August 2015

S. B. Redstone & 'Stardust Dreams' @sbredstone @GoddessFish #SciFi #romance

Today we have author S. B. Redstone visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* Steven Rosenstein, penname S. B. Redstone, had a career as a school psychologist and private practice Licensed Clinical Social Worker on Long Island. Always seeking the truths of human nature, he wrote a personal improvement book, Taming Your Inner & Outer Bullies: Confronting Life’s Stressors And Winning, published by New Horizon Press Books. He has written articles on human nature and relationships, given lectures, and appeared on radio shows. Always having a vivid imagination, he first became a successful writer of short stories. His mystery thriller, A Sinister Obsession, was published by Black Opal Books. As an expert in the field of human psychology, he has an exceptional ability to develop realistic and exciting characters in his novels. Many of my characters have been taken from his clinical experiences. Stardust Dreams is his first romance novel, although romantic relationships stand out in his other works. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers Org and Romance Writers of America. He resides with his wife in New York and Florida.

Today S. B. Redstone will be talking about how he became a writer and what inspired him in regard to the story he's promoting.
* I had a childhood full of imagination. When I watched a cowboy movie, I created stories of cowboys and Indians, and I was always the star. I was Superman, an astronaut, Tarzan, policeman, and every other action hero. There was no creative writing in my school during my era. I hated boring school. Writing was school work. I hated school work. I did it. but I hated it. It wasn’t until I was in a junior, at a new college, in the library, with hours to kill, that I finally put my imagination on paper. I wrote loneliness sayings. “Wouldn’t it be horrible if you were good your whole life, never committed a sin, had a boring life, then went to heaven, and found no one there!” I enjoyed those silly thoughts, but I didn’t show them to anyone. Let me back up. I grew up with friends, engaging in the hobby of the week, always new fun projects, sometimes success and sometimes failure. It’s easy to try new things when you don’t worry about criticism. In college, English lit classes motivated me to write poetry. Friends liked them. With no skill or brains I took a giant leap and wrote a short story. Thankfully, it’s been lost in history. More years pass. The demands of college, masters’ degrees in school psychology and clinical social work, a post-graduate degree in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, working days and evenings, with a growing family, and home projects, my imagination never faulted, but who had free time to write. Near forty years of age, with more free time, it took my envy and jealousy of other writers to get me to finally sit in front of a typewriter. Stephen King was my inspiration. Picture this, two fingers hitting typewriter keys, reams of paper crumbled on the floor, no skill, no technique, and no brains, all I accomplished was writing a confused, sadly written story full of run on sentences, repetition, misuse of adjectives, and worse. Blind to my inadequacies, I sent The Demon Hunters to literary agents. One kindly one wrote back, saying you have talent, learn to write! With that kick in the pants, I stopped being delusional. I learned my craft through writing short stories, all of which were eventually published in online magazines. By the way, being self-taught is not something I would suggest other writers to do. We can be too blind to our mistakes. Spurred on by success, using my clinical experiences as an inspiration, I began writing a mystery thriller. Stop! In my therapeutic career, when I began to look at our species’ behavior from a unique standpoint, I’m urged by colleagues to write a book on human nature and relationships. I said, you would care what an obscure therapist from Long Island thinks? I’m not Freud. And my colleagues answered. “Everyone.” So, after years of research and development, Taming Your Inner & Outer Bullies: Confronting Life’s Stressors And Winning was published by New Horizon Press Books. Pure joy. More years pass. Back to fiction writing with no success. Believe me I had more than my share of impediments, mistakes, and phonies in the business. I retire. Now I have more than enough time for a writing career. All my efforts finally pay off. Black Opal books publishes my mystery thriller, A Sinister Obsession, to rave reviews. My dream comes true. I’m certain most writers have at least ten stories in their heads that they think are worthy of turning into a novel. I’ve accepted that fate has been in control of my life. One evening, I was with my senior friends and they were talking about how many books they read. I didn’t know that. And that got me thinking. Change course. Write a love story. Sort of a new hobby of the week. About dreams? My love of science fiction. Human nature. Nothing ordinary. Something out of this world. Out of this world? Sparklers flashed! Stardust Dreams was born. As I do, for several months I wrote the complete story in my head to make certain it was viable and interesting. Then I made it come alive on the pages.
A look into...
~ Blurb ~
* Lance Forrester is a dreamer. After a celebrated career as an astronaut and engineer, he and a friend build a secret spacecraft to seek their destinies in the stars. But his friend dies and Lance is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Desperate not to succumb to his fate, he convinces an acquaintance, ailing actress Sage Saint Claire, whom he hasn’t seen since high school, to join him on his quest to reach an advanced alien civilization which can heal them both.
* Unfortunately, true life is not a Hollywood movie, as much as Sage might want it to be, and problems abound. Mistakes in the past have turned Sage into a bitter old woman, and she turns out to be a less-than-perfect traveling companion which no amount of optimism, youth, or good health can cure. Can these two intrepid octogenarians-turned-immortals overcome the emotional scars of their pasts and achieve true happiness, or are they doomed to suffer for their mistakes, no matter how far from Earth they go?
~ Excerpt ~
* Lance visits Sage in Hospice Care. He is dying at well. Inspire her! “Your sympathy is appreciated, but I have no immediate plans of kicking the bucket here on Earth.” Hear goes. “On New Year’s Day, I’m traveling into the galaxy in my private spacecraft with the hope of reaching an advanced alien civilization that will extend my life. I would be honored if you would join me.”
* First, Sage gave me a look as if she’d just bitten into the foulest tasting food, then a burst of anxious laughter erupted from her unenthusiastic face. “That’s your hope?” She tried to hold back her mocking smirk, but couldn’t. Her defiant nature hardened to ice. “Now, why would I want to do that?”
* Lance and Sage awaken on an alien world. “Hi, Sage,” I said calmly. “It’s safe. You can come out. No monsters. Just friends. He doesn’t bite.”
* Despite my attempt to relieve her mounting worries, she was still wary and stepped cautiously out on the patio, her head nervously jerking about. She was wearing blue jeans and a pink blouse. “We’re on Earth---right? We’re back home?”
* My laugh was kind. “No Sage. We’re on the friendly planet of Pirodinos, some eight thousand light years from Earth.”
* “Bullshit! I know Earth when I see it,” she said nastily, apparently thinking I was deceiving her.
* “Then, you better take a good look. Look at the tree bark. The sky. I don’t believe the last time you were on Earth that it had more than one moon.”
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Thank you for joining us here today, S. B. Redstone! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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25 August 2015

A Look At Michelle Roth & 'Trouble Walked In' @mroth_author @evernightpub #shifter

Today we have author Michelle Roth visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book.
* In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and any other place that sells absolutely filthy romance novels.
* Hi there, everyone! I'm Michelle Roth and I'm here to introduce my latest release, Trouble Walked In [The Forsaken Few 1]. This story started as a submission for the Bad Alpha Anthology but quickly grew out of control with regards to word count. There was no way I was going to be able to tell the story I wanted to in a measly 10,000 words!
* Once that was clear, I decided the book was more important than the anthology. It became MUCH easier from then on! Rather than just a wolf shifter story, I decided that I would make this about something larger. Lorelei, Florida was born.
* Each forsaken by their own kind, a small community of shifters from all walks of life have come together to form an unbreakable bond that defies the laws of nature. Both the hunters and the hunted stand side by side to protect themselves from all who would threaten their way of life.
* This is Ronan and Moira's story...

A look into...
~ Blurb ~
* The moment Moira Devereaux walks into his bar, Shapeshifter Ronan Kelly knows she's going to be trouble. No matter how tempting she is, he won't risk the safety of his makeshift pack. He has every intention of sending her on her way until he hears her compelling story.
* When Moira's father, the mayor of Lorelei, tries to force her to wed a man she doesn't know, she runs to one place he won't follow. The local shifter bar. Nothing could have prepared her for the immediate attraction she feels for the owner, Ronan.
* In a moment of weakness, Ronan offers her a job and a place to stay despite his misgivings. No one is more shocked than he is when he discovers that she's his mate. Will he be able to convince her that he's worth taking a risk on or will he be forced to let her go?
~ Character Interview ~
If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
* I don't get a whole lot of free time, but when I do, I love to drive out to the national forest and go for a run. When you get deep enough into it, there's a section where humans don't travel. There's something about having my paws in the dirt that makes me feel connected to the universe. Nothing like it.
What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they’ve known you for a while?
* Well now, I think that depends on the person. I'm a big guy, so I think I probably give off a heavy 'don't fuck with me' vibe. Once someone knows me for a while, I think they realize that for my friends, I'm as loyal as they come.
What’s your idea of a good marriage? Do you think that’ll happen in your life?
* I'll let you know if I ever see one. (snorts) My father treated my mom like an indentured servant. Raised his hands to her on occasion. I can tell you for sure what DOESN'T make a good marriage. Having your alpha mate fucking terrified of you. I- I don't want to talk about this anymore. Can we move on to something less depressing?
What are you most proud of about your life?
* I've been on my own since I was 18. Managed to not get myself killed in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war. Came home and worked my ass off until I had enough money to buy the bar. I made something of myself.
- And what about something more personal?
* I'd say that's pretty personal.
- Why is that so meaningful to you?
* When I left home at 18, my old man was just waiting for me to come crawling back to the ready-made life I had waiting for me. I think I shocked them all by making something of myself. Anything that can make that bastard choke on his words is meaningful to me.
What are you most ashamed of in your life?
* Shit. You're really into me talking about my feelings, aren't you? I'd have to say that leaving my mother behind. She was the only one in my family that showed the least bit of kindness to me. I send cards at Christmas but I have yet to hear back. I doubt I ever will.
If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?
* My mother. That woman could give a hug. I don't know if she'd be inclined to at this point but it'd be worth finding out, I suppose.
Do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?
* Not a chance.
What do you believe about God? What do you suppose God thinks of you?
* Of course I believe in the Earth Mother. It's hard to be part wolf and not be able to feel her. When I'm shifted and touching the earth, I can feel her like a heartbeat. It's comforting.
Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done? What would happen if you did it?
* That's a tough question. I'm my own man, so I basically do whatever I want to. I think I wanna skip this question.
What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life? What did you learn from it?
* War. It's nasty business. I saw some shit that really screwed me up for a long time. Two tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan. Dead children. What did I learn? I fucking hate the war.
Tell me about your best friend.
* I've got a couple. I'd say Ty and Sarge are probably my closest friends. Can we not call them best friends? It sounds like we're about to slumber party.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why?
* I've killed them. I'm not proud of it, but it was the war, ya know?
What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
* No tombstone. Cremate me, please. Throw a party, don't do any of that somber shit where everyone's in black.
Describe your ideal mate.
* I'm thinking that whole ideal mate thing is just a myth. I somehow don't think there's anyone out there for me. It's a punishment for abandoning my position as Alpha, I think.
What are you most afraid of?
* This goes back to the last question. Never being forgiven. I don't give a shit about my father but, it's hard to be alone.
What’s the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?
* My makeshift pack, I guess. I'd fight for them. Die for them if need be. What's more important than that?
What do you like best about yourself? Least?
* No matter what life throws at me, I move forward. The other side of that coin is that I keep things locked up tight. I wonder if that won't come back to bite me in the ass some day.
How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?
* It's a good life, for the most part. A little bit lonely. I don't know that I have time for a relationship, really, but it'd be nice at this point in my life. Settle down, have a couple cubs.
Are you lying to yourself about something? What is it?
* I don't think so.
What trait do you most deplore in others?
* I can't stand bullies. People who are mean just to be mean. That sets me off more than anything else. I can forgive a lot but cruelty isn't one of those things.
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Thank you for joining us here today, Michelle Roth! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.