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22 November 2010

Better late than never...

Finally, I'm out of writing, editing, revision and competition hell for a spell and have time to sit for a moment and post stuff about Halloween in Vegas.  Saturday night we went to the Chippendales show. (Want to hear about another time we went to the show, see the repost blog titled 'Immersed in Fantasy.') Before we went to the show, we hung out at the pub. Lots of people strolled in and out dressed in some very interesting costumes. We had the hospital patient, Bret Michaels, the short shorts wearing dude from Reno 911, nurses, mad hatters, avatars, etc. Yep, in the pic on the right they're dancing on the bar. I don't have any pics from the show, but lets just say the outfits the women were wearing were skimpy...very skimpy. Halloween night we hung out down on the strip.Here's a Halloween video. It's not the greatest in the world since it was taken with my phone camera, but it's something. We were hanging outside of Harrah's near the pit where bands play.

Here are some more pics, too. What an interesting place to be on a night like Halloween. :)


HighlandHussy said...

I missed you guys :(
Kelly and I saw some interesting costumes the night before too. I'm glad you guys had fun

C.R. Moss said...

We missed you too that night.