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14 November 2010

Such 'Dirty Little' Stories...

Recently, my ‘Dirty Little’ series was reviewed. In light of the 5th book, ‘Dirty Little Demons,’ receiving five out of five hearts in a review, I figured I’d share some background on how the stories came about and how the overall arc evolved.
When I first started pursuing and learning the craft to be a writer my main focus was in the horror genre.  Back then (we’re talking high school…many, many moons ago) a judge in a contest I had entered told me I could be the next Stephen King. To me that was a wonderful compliment.  Several years later a friend introduced me to the romance writing market through Jude Deveraux’s ‘A Knight in Shining Armor.’  I fell in love with that story and soon after Deveraux’s novel ‘Remembrance’ became my favorite.  I shifted gears in my writing…but not completely…
This is evident in my 2008 Halloween release ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and in my 2009 Valentine’s release ‘Dirty Little Lie’ where I embraced my horror roots once again for the two short stories. For the most part, inspiration for the first two ‘Dirty Little’ stories came about after listening to Apocalyptica’s song ‘I'm Not Jesus’.
‘Dirty Little Secret,’ a short story created for eXtasy’s Fantasy Games line, is not a romance in any sense of the word.  It’s a straight up erotica spook fest with very strong religious undertones which came to me after hearing the song and reading a person’s profile on myspace. [Erotica differs from erotic romance in that erotica does not promise a happily ever after (HEA) within the story line.] In ‘Dirty Little Lie,’ my first m/m story and another short for eXtasy’s Fantasy Games line, the dark and handsome demon Ash is introduced.  He and his love interest go on a cruise and head for Hell, Grand Cayman.  ‘Dirty Little Lie,’ though more of a romance, was said to be ‘creepy like the first book was’ by my crit partner. ‘Dirty Little Lie’ has a HEA… Well, at least in the mind of the one character they’ll live HEA…
Now, when it came to the series evolving, I had no real idea of how many stories there’d be or what would happen along the way. I thought there might be one or two more stories and that’d be it. Then there was a call for a new line revolving around the colors of roses and their meanings. That’s when the idea of the ‘Dirty Little’ stories becoming more of a family saga took shape.
‘Dirty Little Trip’ follows the mother, a divorcee who’s addicted to chocolate, and what happens between her and Ash. Again, this story has romantic elements but is better classified as erotica. ‘Dirty Little Girl,’ an erotica with romantic elements, is the daughter’s break out story. In it, Jamie Sue/Jay escapes life in the south and heads for a big city, winding up in Las Vegas. This is the beginning of the rest of the series. She encounters Ash’s son and gets involved with the demon slaying sect, which eventually leads her to getting involved with the love of her life in ‘Dirty Little Demons.’ Yes, DLD can be considered an erotic romance. But life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ash wants Jay. He’s even brought her down to hell so he can express his feelings for her. That story will be revealed in ‘Dirty Little Boys,’ a tarot based, erotic romance story (m/f, m/m, and small m/m/m scene), where Keg and his ‘one’ rescue Jay. ‘Dirty Little Boys,’ as of this blog posting, is currently a work in progress.
Right now, there’s only one more story planned for the series. It’ll concentrate on Jay and Ash and how she resolves her feelings for him and the other man in her life. But, I won’t say I’ll never write another ‘Dirty Little’ story (never say never, right) since, after all, the twins are still out there.

The review for ‘Dirty Little Demons’ can be found at:
The books are best read in order to get the full effect of the story line—1st: Secret; 2nd: Lie; 3rd: Trip; 4th: Girl; 5th: Demons & coming soon 6th: Boys and 7th: Slayer. Information and buy links for the books can be located through:

Happy reading!
C.R. Moss

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Tess MacKall said...

A Knight in Shining Armor along with Woodiwiss' Flame and the Flower and Wolf and the Dove are the most memorable romance books there are. If you read any of those three you'll be hooked on romance.

Love the premise of Dirty Little Demons. I have a friend who loves writing and reading erotic horror. I'll definitely point her in your direction.