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15 May 2011

Sunday Snapshots ~ An author’s favorite hangouts…

Ever wonder what authors do in their spare time when they don’t have their fingers on the keyboards, pumping out words for their next great story? Well, since I can only speak for myself, I’ll give you a glimpse into my world & hopefully other authors will chime in and let us know what they do. ;)
I like to hangout in comfortable pubs. The kinds of places where you can visit with friends, not feel rushed, enjoy the ambiance, meals and drinks and maybe even play some darts…

*RoadRunner Saloon ~ RoadRunner Las Vegas ~ I love the chairs in the cocktail area.

The location I go to has good food, good beer, gaming, a pool table and other games. Prices are reasonable.

*J.C. Wooloughan ~ J.C. Wooloughan in Rampart Casino
Nice intimate setting. Food is good. They used to have potato soup on the menu. I loved that soup! It’s possible it’s a soup of the day now, but I haven’t seen it there the last few times I’ve been. :( Prices are reasonable. I like going there because we can play darts. :D

*Steiner's - A Nevada Style Pub ~ Steiner's Pub ~ For good food (love their Death Valley chips) and an extensive beer list, we go here for dinner.

*McFadden’s ~ McFadden's Las Vegas ~ This should come as no surprise if you’ve read my past blog posts…

Located in the Rio Hotel and Casino (Rio Las Vegas), this is the place where I meet up with my author buddies and other friends…usually before we go upstairs to the Chippendales show… Last week R.M. Sotera, author of Dirty Deed,
Shannan Albright, author of Dark Passion Rising, and another friend & I went there to celebrate R.M.’s school achievement. This past Friday we went back there to meet up with Kelly and HighlandHussy of DemonLover's Books & More. They were going up to the Chippendales show, but due to prior commitments we couldn’t join them this time. :( Then again, we’d seen the show twice in the past 2.5 months anyway so it didn't feel like a complete loss to us. ;) We liked just hanging out at the bar. The two tenders, Erik and Neil who are there on Fridays and Saturdays, are really nice guys and fun to talk to. McFadden’s has Karaoke on Tuesdays. I’m hoping to get to that one of these days, too, with the gals. Though the prices are a bit on the high side–it’s in a casino after all–the food is good & if you sit in the right area of the bar, you’ll be able to see the free show (which is performed hourly from 6 pm until 11 pm) and all the eye candy, um… dancers. Below is a pic of Kelly holding the warning sign about dancing on the bar. Yep, people get up there and, yes, we've seen them fall off. 

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the 411 on the Vegas hangouts. My best friend lives there and I like to know little spots. :) Your blog looks so informative and you've got a new follower.

C.R. Moss said...

Thanks, Kelly, for stopping by and saying hi! & for the follow. ;)
If you ever have any questions about Vegas (& this goes for all my readers), feel free to email me. :)

Shannan Albright said...

Thanks for the mention CR. It's always nice to visit with you and the people are always very interesting.

C.R. Moss said...

You're welcome, Shannan! Thanks for stopping by!

Ann Raina said...

Great pictures! This is a wonderful way to show that there's more to authors than just typing. Okay, I always carry my trustworthy notepad and a pencil with me. You never know when an idea will hit you. :)
Ann Raina

C.R. Moss said...

Thanks Ann!
Yep, notepad and pen are always in my bag too. For awhile I even carried around a recorder.