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25 September 2011

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Wild West Weekend ~ 5 ( #sixsunday @6_Sunday )

#5 of Six Sentences over six weeks from 'Wild West Weekend.'

     Kent strolled off toward the staff bunkhouse.
     His head wrangler never ceased to amaze him with his odd bits of wisdom. Dakota rubbed a hand over his face, then headed toward his horse’s stall. He would find out what happened to Cassie all those years ago. She’d tell him why she never came back and what kind of trouble she’d found herself in if it took him the rest of the weekend to get it out of her. He also vowed to himself he would do whatever was necessary to keep the one woman he ever wanted to commit to safe, even if he had to lock her up and throw away the key.

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Dee Carney said...

Great six! (Don't throw away the key.)

Xakara said...

Nice internal tension! :)

A Way To A Dragon's Heart 6SS

Alix said...

Fantastic six! you nailed the tension. Well done.

Angela Guillaume said...

Can I have the key so I can peek inside? Lol. Great snippet.

Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

Yee-haw! Never give up, never surrender! Go, Dakota. :) Great six.

C.R. Moss / Casey Moss said...

Thanks Dee, Xakara, Alix, Angela & Siobhan for stopping by and for the wonderful comments! Glad y'all enjoyed the tension!

Ana Hart said...

Great six! I love his determination and the great characterization you've presented in such few words!

Vivien Dean said...

He sounds like a very determined man! Thanks for sharing. :)

C.R. Moss / Casey Moss said...

Thanks for stopping by Ana & Vivien! & thanks for the comments!