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31 December 2011

Lead in for Six Sentence Sunday for Chasing Miss Kringle (wk 3)

For Six Sentence Sunday, I’m sharing an excerpt from my story ‘Chasing Miss Kringle’ (found within Evernight Publishing’s holiday anthology – Stockings & Suspenders) over the course of six weeks.
1 of 6:
     “You’re the only one left, Jack.”
     Victor’s request had to be some kind of joke. Yet the rigid set of his wide shoulders and straight face told me otherwise. Disbelieving what I’d just heard, I continued to stare at my PI partner and friend. What did Vic mean he wanted me to track down an elf? There were serious cases to work on, like helping my buddies in Metro track down a couple of high end thieves.
2 of 6:
     Suicides and thefts. The holiday season. What a great time of year.
     “I’m not in the mood to be toyed with, Vic. So, let me get this straight,” I stated with more calm than I felt. Being side-tracked from important matters was a pet peeve of mine.

Stay tuned for the next six lines coming up in a few minutes.
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