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15 January 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Chasing Miss Kringle ~ 5 ( @evernightpub #sixsunday @6_Sunday )

#5 of Six Sentences over six weeks from 'Chasing Miss Kringle.'

     Malory loved what she did for a living. An ex-showgirl, who still had the body and beauty of a dancer, worked with her PI team, comprised of mostly women, in the office suites next door. There were a lot of girls against boys competitiveness in our outfit. The boys’ part of the business, headed up by Vic, was Las Vegas Hunters Private Investigating Services, real cops and robbers, cloak and dagger stuff.
     Lory’s side…Las Vegas Hunters Paranormal Investigating Services.
     Being a skeptic, it amazed me how many people were believers in the paranormal.

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Alix said...

Great setting, I have a complete picture left in my mind. Well done.

Heather Thurmeier said...

The the idea of this paranormal investigating service! I'm ready to read more.