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03 January 2012

Tuesday Tea with @anneholly2010 ~ Be It Resolved

Hi all! Grab a cup of tea – or whatever it is you like to drink – and join in the discussion. Today we have Anne Holly speaking about resolutions. She’s sharing hers and would love to hear yours. :)

Please welcome, Anne Holly ~

     I make writing resolutions every year, or at least I have since I started doing this professionally. I’ve tried to do personal resolutions, but it never made much sense to me. If they weren’t changes I made throughout the year, I didn’t see how some artificial calendar date was going to enforce transformation. However, the New Year is a good time to look back over what I’ve done career-wise in 2011 and to look forward to what I want to accomplish in 2012.
     First, a brief look back. I now have

nine titles under my belt, seven of which were released in 2011. I contracted another novel, due out in the summer of 2012, and I got a slew of nice reviews and a few sales. I have improved on promotion, which was my weakest area, and I’ve made lots of good contacts in the book world. All very good things.
     In 2012, I will see my first paperback novel released and my first single-author anthology released in paperback, so those are two major lifetime goals achieved. Ebooks are grand, but there’s something about sending a signed copy to my mum that is particularly thrilling.
     So, my prime goal in 2012 is to continue improving on my promo, including a major first for me – in person, live, real (not virtual) events, perhaps a book launch, reading and/or a signing. This terrifies me, to be frank, because I have visions of sitting at a table with no one showing up. However, it’s something that’s been part of this author business for a long time, and I’m determined to pay all my dues.
     My second goal is to attack that historical novel I’ve had in the works for over a year now. I’ve been putting it off, debating with myself over its wisdom. But, you know, perhaps I am the only person who wants to read a romance set against Nova Scotia’s shipping industry in the early 1800s, but, by gum, I’m going to finally write it. After that, I might go after Nova Scotia’s WWI-era history, as well. I have several books all planned out, and I will work away at the list throughout the coming year(s).
     Third, I have a non-fiction book in the works, as well, with a couple thousand words already down. It’s a personal story, and important to me and to my family. It’s time I made the time to finish it. I also want to finish my half-done chick lit humour novel. Also that paranormal novella I wrote and didn’t edit, as well as that new NaNo 2011 romance. Actually, maybe I should aim to clean up and move out all the partials and drafts I have laying around here – about five or six, I think. Where does the time fly?
     Finally, my fourth and fifth resolutions have to do with real writing things. As always, I will continue to

aim for improving my craft, which goes without saying. I joined or flirted with some crit groups in 2011, but then got too busy to stick with them. I think it’s time to revive that plan. And, number five, I want to write the best novel I can, and I want to know it’s good. I like the stuff I’ve written so far (or I wouldn’t have submitted them), but I know I can do better. I still have lots of stories in me, and a long way to go to fulfill my potential.
     So, here’s to 2012! May she be happy, healthy, prosperous, and productive, and may you all reach 2013 better off than you are now.


Anne Holly is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and teacher. She is the author of the novel Strings Attached, which was described by The Romance Reviews as “a classic contemporary romance.” She has been published by Wild Horse Press, Decadent Publishing and Rebel Ink Press, and in 2012 by Pink Petal Books. Anne’s work is characterized by its unusual heroes, sweet/spicy balance, witty dialogue, responsible citizenship, and its positive, optimistic nature. She has found a particular niche in holiday romance. You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReadsFacebook and Twitter  (@anneholly2010). Sign up for her newsletter here. Email her at

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