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02 January 2012

What’s coming up in 2012 ~

Hello everyone! Here’s hoping 2012 is treating you well so far. :) I wanted to pop on and let you know I’m switching up some stuff on my blog this year. Author and industry interviews will still be on Fridays. Sunday Six will still be on, well, Sundays of course. Saturdays may be snapshots or you might find more author treats of wonderful books to read or it may be a break day. Wednesdays I’m hoping I’ll be on talking about whatever is going on in my corner of the world…most likely my weight loss journey. I’ll need to be held accountable to my goals to slim down this year, and if I’m on the docket to share things with people, then maybe I’ll get somewhere with dropping the unsightly pounds. On Tuesdays, I’ll be hosting authors or characters under the heading Tuesday Tea. So tomorrow, & on future Tuesdays, grab your favorite tea (or if you don’t drink tea then any drink will suffice) and join the discussion with the blog’s guest for the day. Of course, things and scheduling may change as the year progresses but for now this is the game plan!
A listing of the special guests can be found toward the bottom of the blog along with other fun stuff. Info regarding my book releases and public appearances can be found in the column to the right

Happy New Year!
& Happy Reading ~
C. Moss

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