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03 June 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Tracked for June 3 ( #sixsunday @6_Sunday )

Six Sentences from Tracked

    Dragging his body out of the chair and shuffling like a man in chains, he followed her to hear his sentence. All around him people talked and laughed while consuming aromatic, flavored coffee and pastries. The first several men, standing around with their new employers, appeared to be pleased with the matches. How could he enjoy the festivities, though, when he was being sent to hell, a man condemned to the sickening whims of Mrs. Sims and her equally offensive daughter? Or maybe some other mother/daughter pair who might be worse? The other bachelors’ happiness cut at his soul, and the thick sweet smell of the baked goods turned his stomach.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of atmosphere in your 6! What is Mrs Sims and her daughter up to?

Jessica Subject said...

Poor guy! I'm curious as to what they have in store for him.