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15 April 2013

Special day today!

What day is today? Well, I'm sure not saying it's special because of tax day. LOL!
Today is my birthday! *\0/* *\0/* *\0/*
I'm hoping you'll grant me this special wish and stop by the Double D Blog and comment on the post.
Over there, RM and I are hosting the first day of the Book Boyfriend Bl0g H0p. Please give the post a read, enter the giveaway and vote for our hero Andrew Mathison (Dalton Dougan) via the link provided in the post. Your participation and support of us would be greatly appreciated!
So, what am I doing for my birthday? On Saturday we had company over for a birthday gathering, lots of Mexican food, cervezas and margaritas. Recently I also bought a new vehicle. Today I'm taking time for myself and diving into a good book.
Looking forward to your visit at the Double D! :)

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