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27 May 2013

An EPIC(TM) Blog ~ Karen Cote' PR Chair ( @EPICorg @KarensRomance #SO )

* Today I'm happy to welcome EPIC's Public Relations Chair, Karen Cote'. But first, a little bit about the wonderful organization...
* EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition(TM), was incorporated in 1998 to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing. Once an authors' organization, EPIC(TM) has expanded to include hundreds of professionals from all facets of the electronic publishing industry: authors, publishers, editors, artists, and others. EPIC(TM) members work together in a unique collaboration to further the industry. EPIC(TM) is not a publisher, but aspiring authors are invited to look at our member publishers. Check out "Our Members" for listings of our author, publisher, and other industry members.
* For more about the organization, visit

Now onto the interview! Welcome, Karen! Tell us, when did you join EPIC?
* I had the pleasure of joining a couple of years ago on the enthusiastic recommendation of my publisher. I discovered she did not overstate the benefits and at thirty dollars a year, where else can you get such quality of membership and value?

What did you hope to gain from being a part of the organization?
* As a new author in the exciting world of all things digital, I was excited to learn more about this amazing and ever-constant evolving industry. I was told I could find that at EPIC and more.

And, what have you gained from being a part of the organization?
* That my publisher's savvy and knowledgeable innovation had steered me to a place of camaraderie and overwhelming support for the eWorld. EPIC established its mission statement in their by-laws as being the Voice of ePublishing. It is that and much, much more.

Do you hold a position within the organization, and if so, could you tell us how you stepped into the position and what it entails?
* Yes. My title is the Public Relations Chair so coddling the image EPIC has enjoyed as well as being a part of the continued growth of the brand has been a humbling experience. Truthfully, however, titles at EPIC would be better described as family and we all work together to make it a warm environment to thrive in. We all take our jobs to heart as the loyalty and trust of the membership is at the core of it and there is much we need to accomplish to protect our mission.
* How I stepped into the position can be credited in part to Marketing for Romance Writers as its Promotion Director. Having said that, receiving that email to assume the Public Relations Chair position from Betty Kasischke (EPIC's President) was a surreal moment in time I have yet to fully grasp.

If you were speaking to someone who was interested in joining, what would you tell them are the benefits of membership?
* As mentioned in my own discovery, EPIC as the Voice in ePublishing is a need and must to help drive this industry. Mired in history and built on a strong tradition of ethical guidance since 1998 for the digital community, EPIC also hosts the longest standing eBook competition in the world. The Ariana eBook Cover Art Competition and EPICon are also powerful events worthy of the notoriety and success they've garnered. The New Voices Young Writers Competition is another event EPIC hosts and I believe everyone at EPIC is simply in love with the opportunity in working with the promise of new and young writers.
* Finally, there are many benefits to membership. Along with the support each member gives to the other, we work with organizations in providing our members discounts that more than pay for the annual fee of being a member. BookBaby, Coffee Time Romance & More, Working Advantage, Scrivener…are just to name a few. There are many more that can be found on our home page at with more being added so stay tuned.

Thank you for joining us today, Karen, and telling us about EPIC(TM) and your part in the organization.

Karen Cote', Best Selling Romantic Suspense Author, lives in a California Castle with Prince Charming and a Magnificent Black Stallion. Okay, it’s a bungalow, a corporate husband and a small black pug who totes a sense of humor and lotsa attitude. But it is her dream. A real life dream to inspire the romantic suspense novels she writes. She can be found at


Elise VanCise said...

Great interview! As a newer member of EPIC I can attest to what a treasure this place is to an epublishing professional. Definitely a must have in your author toolbox

Karen Cote said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Elise. You are an example of the valued members EPIC attracts as well as the talent housed inside. We hope to attract more members such as yourself to keep EPIC on the fast track of innovation.

Thank you C.R. for hosting me today. As another amazing member of EPIC, your support has been overwhelming to all of us.

Kayelle Allen said...

Glad to see you are sharing the knowledge about our wonderful EPIC program. Thank you CR for hosting Karen today!

Karen Cote said...

Hello dearest Kayelle! Good to see you here. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and yes. The support from C.R. Is fabulous, isn't it. I love EPIC for the amazing people here.

Linda McLaughlin said...

I've been a member of EPIC for about 10 years now and enjoyed a number of EPICons. So I may see you in San Antonio next year. It's nice to see new people join and bring so much enthusiasm to the organization. Thanks, Karen!

Karen Cote said...

Wow Linda! 10 years is fabulous. EPICon is going to be so amazing. I hope to see you there too. Thank you so much for your support today, yesterday, and tomorrow! :)