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29 May 2013

Trouble's coming ~ Hump Day H00k ( #HDH @decadentpub #1NS #1NightStand )

Hi all! Wow. Another week's come and gone, and we're back to Hump Day Hook where authors share snippets from their stories. :)
* Today's hook comes from my soon to be released 1NightStand story, Sunset Temptations.

* “And the money?”
* Silence rolled thick from the other seat. Her instincts screamed trouble.
* “Kiran?”
* He cleared his throat. “Well….”
* She’d seen and heard this nervousness from him before. That time he’d gotten into a little trouble with some bad dudes. Could he have done so again? She shot a quick glance at him. His skin seemed on the pale side. Her sixth sense dinged. “Oh no. You didn’t.”

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For more on Sunset Temptations (releasing on May 31, 2013), visit:


Lucy Felthouse said...

Great hook, well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, what has he done? Nice hook!

Anonymous said...

Come on, there's hooks and then there's just mean. Didn't what? What's he done? You can't leave it there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. What didn't he do?

Great hook!

Pippa Jay said...

Uh, oh, sounds like he DID.