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21 June 2013

An EPIC(TM) Blog with Desiree Holt, EPICon Chair ~ ( @EPICorg @desireeholt #SO )

* Today I'm happy to welcome EPIC's Convention Chair, Desiree Holt. But first, a little bit about the wonderful organization...
* EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition(TM), was incorporated in 1998 to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing. Once an authors' organization, EPIC(TM) has expanded to include hundreds of professionals from all facets of the electronic publishing industry: authors, publishers, editors, artists, and others. EPIC(TM) members work together in a unique collaboration to further the industry. EPIC(TM) is not a publisher, but aspiring authors are invited to look at our member publishers. Check out "Our Members" for listings of our author, publisher, and other industry members.
* For more about the organization, visit

Now onto the interview! Welcome, Desiree Holt! Tell us, when did you join EPIC?
* I joined in 2006, right after my first digital book was released. And I attended EPICON at The Menger Hotel in San Antonio. A lot of authors from my writers’ group were there but I also met many, many new people who are still friends.

What did you hope to gain from being a part of the organization?
* I really wanted to make connections in an industry that was brand new to me. I was a neophyte writer, freshly published and greener than grass. I was trying to desperately understand the new digital publishing industry and learn who to maximize exposure and promote myself. Also how to improve my skills.

And, what have you gained from being a part of the organization?
* Besides the wonderful friends? I learned about online writing workshops, how to create a promotional program for myself without ever leaving my computer, and what the benefits and pitfalls are of digital publishing. I learned about new opportunities opening up because of digital publishing and how to take advantage of them. I was delighted to see EPIC kept a list of resources for its members on the web site and the conversations on the loops have answered a lot of questions. It seems problems are addressed as soon as they crop up.

Do you hold a position within the organization, and if so, could you tell us how you stepped into the position and what it entails?
* I serve on the Board of Directors and have since 2011. Mostly I think it happened because I stepped into the position of chair of EPICON less than five months before the 2012 event. I had become very good friends with President Betty Kasischke, she knew I had experience chairing events and since it was scheduled to be in San Antonio she recruited me. I co-chaired 2013 with the wonderful Kim Wollenburg/Cassiel Knight and am chairing EPICON 2014. I used to handle special events for a living in one of my many career options and brought that experience to the table with me. It is such a pleasure to put together an event that offers so much for members. This year is especially exciting because we have a lot of new members involved in active roles.

If you were speaking to someone who was interested in joining, what would you tell them are the benefits of membership?
* First and foremost it gives you a place on the loops and forums to ask questions and get answers. I don’t care how long you’ve been in the industry, new problems crop up all the time. It’s wonderful to have a place where people are always researching what’s happening and so are able to give out information. Secondly, EPIC provides a concise list of resources from editing to checking out publishers that is constantly updated. Third, on the forums things are set up so there are multiple topics. I don’t care what you want to chat about, there’s a group you can do it with. Kind of like having people into your living room for coffee. And it’s great knowing I’m part of an organization that’s really on top of the digital industry and is looking gout for my welfare.

Thank you for joining us today, Desiree, and telling us about EPIC(TM) and your part in the organization.

Desiree Holt’s writing is flavored with the rich experiences of her life, including a long stretch in the music business representing every kind of artist from country singer to heavy metal rock bands. For several years she also ran her own public relations agency handling any client that interested her, many of whom might recognize themselves in the pages of her stories. She is twice a finalist for an EPIC E-Book Award, a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, winner of the first 5 Heart Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio as well as twice a CAPA Award for best BDSM book of the year, winner of the Holt Medallion, multiple winner of the Whipped Cream Book of the Week Award and is published by five different houses. Romance Junkies said of her work: “Desiree Holt is the most amazing erotica author of our time and each story is more fulfilling then the last.” You can find her at: Website | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


Desiree Holt said...

Thanks so much for hosting me, C.R. Hope everyone checks out the really great conference we've got lined up.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

FAB interview - I've been debating joining EPIC for a while now and this answered a lot of questions I had. Thank you xxx MWAH!