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02 October 2013

A Party & A Tease ( @evernightpub #erom #paranormal )

. . .Welcome to the middle of the week!
. . .Mid Week Tease is an event where authors are spotlighting a few lines or a paragraph or two from their stories. Readers, you get to sample some delicious snippets and be teased, titillated and tantalized into the weekend!

. . .My contribution to MWT this week is from Lovers & the Fiend.

. . .* I have your woman. A nice piece of ass she is, too. She tells me you’re not bad yourself. I would love for you to join us later. A car will be waiting for you outside your office at noon today where my assistant will fill you in on some details. If you know what’s good for you and your gal, you’ll take advantage of this invitation. See you soon. ~ Kol Ainmire
. . .* Jack Vorst’s temper went full tilt within a second. His blood pounded hard through his head and body. He’d told Kristina to be careful when she went out on her cases, but it seemed she still had gotten herself in trouble. Not good.
. . .* “Vic! Get in here!” Trying to check and rein in his anger before he popped a vessel, Jack grabbed the letter he’d found on his desk while going through a stack of mail and a couple of case files. The paper crinkled within his one clenched hand, and the envelope it’d come in bunched up in his other.

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Nicola Cameron said...

I loved this book!

Iyana Jenna said...

Wow, is there going to be a threesome? :D

Linda said...

This doesn't sounds good, I wonder what Kol wants from them.