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20 January 2014

Voting is open! LR Café’s best of 2013 Awards ~ #sunsetheat @decadentpub #1NS

......I’m thrilled Sunset Heat was nominated into this wonderful awards competition for Best Contemporary Book 2013. First up is a brief look at the story & then the voting instructions. I'd love your vote so be sure to go to the polling page that's provided via the link below.

~ Blurb ~

..Sunset Heat, a 1Night Stand story from Decadent Publishing
......Can one night transform a woman’s life?
......* Seana Tramonto feels doomed when it comes to relationships. When she’s set up through the 1Night Stand service, she’s apprehensive at best. Her concern turns to ire when her match turns out to be a man who broke her heart years ago. Old wounds are slow to heal no matter how sexy the man asking for forgiveness.
......* Zachary Russo, a Las Vegas policeman, is talked into doing a 1NS date. When he learns it’s with his high school tutor and friend, the girl he stood up before the Homecoming dance, he’s determined to make it up to her. But seeing her again opens his eyes to the sexy woman she’s become. Can he prove he’s grown up or will circumstance beyond his control kill their second chance?
..Content / Warnings: Contemporary, Erotic, Chick Lit, Romance / Oral, MF
~~ For an excerpt and buy links to the Sunset stories, visit C.R. Moss at Decadent Publishing

~ Voting Instructions for LR Café’s best of 2013 Awards ~

......- Voting runs from Jan. 20th to the 24th, 2014
......- Voting will commence at midnight (USA/EST) on January 20th and run to midnight (USA/EST) on January 24th.
......- All polling will be done on the LR Café’s Yahoo Group. [You MUST be a member of the group in order to vote. Joining is easy - CLICK HERE] Link to all the polls is at
......- One vote per person only.
......- All winners will be announced by Dawn Roberto only.
......- Announcement of Winners will be on January 28th 2014 at Noon pm est (USA) on the LR Cafe Yahoo Group and on the LR Cafe Facebook Group. Links to both are as follows: LRC Yahoo Group & LRC Facebook Group

......My publisher has also been nominated along with their multi-author 1NightStand series (Best Series: Decadent Publishing's 1NS (multi-Author Series) & Best Publisher: Decadent Publishing) in this awards competition. It'd be mighty appreciated if you voted for them in those two categories as well!
Thanks for your readership!

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