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07 August 2015

Come visit #LasVegas & meet some authors! #ReadersEvent #HMK2015 @HotMojaveKnight

Hi all! I wanted to pop in to remind you of the awesome readers' event taking place in Las Vegas in October ~ HMK 2015! The event coordinators are even running a special for the month of August where if you buy one reader/regular registration you can get a second for 50% off.
What are some reasons to visit Las Vegas and attend the event?
1. Well, it's Las Vegas - The Entertainment Capital of the World.
2. You'll meet me ;) and all the other wonderful authors who will be there.
3. Beth D. Carter and I will be hosting a panel called "Travel Through Time and Space" where we'll be sharing information about our stories and the futuristic/science fiction/time travel genres. We'll be giving away some prizes during the panel!
4. Beth and I will also be co-hosting with two other authors a fab pool party! She and I will be giving away some goodies there, too.
5. Have I mentioned the models? Sexy men such as Charles Paz, Vikkas Bhardwaj and Len Gunn, amongst others.
6. Speaking of the models... Want more incentive for coming to Hot Mojave Knights Readers' Event in October? How about the chance to win an intimate one-on-one breakfast with your favorite cover model?
7. Lots of prizes and swag to be had from all the attending authors.
8. Lots of panels and more intimate events.
9. Lots of parties.
10. Overall, just a lot of fun!!!

To register today CLICK HERE then scroll down! And, when you do register, I'd appreciate it if you mention my name. :)
See you in October!

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