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22 January 2011

Would love your support!

Your votes for me and my publisher in the following categories would be greatly appreciated!


- For Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Book-2010 ~ Dirty Little Demons by C.R. Moss


 - Best Book Cover 2010 ~ Beautiful People by C.R. Moss

 - Best Publisher 2010 ~ eXtasy Books

Voting Instructions for LR Café's "Best of 2010" Awards
Voting is from 6 AM EST on January 22nd to Midnight January 30th to vote (EST, USA). No votes will be counted before 6 on the 22nd or after midnight on January 30th. So make sure to get your votes in early enough so they count. Winners to be announced on the LR Café Loop on January 31st at Noon EST.
Voting will take place on Dawn's Reading Nook Blog. Each category will have a separate post and to vote, comment your choice in the comment area. Link to Dawn's Reading Nook Blog is:
Please be aware that whoever is in the lead is NOT the winner. The reviewers for LR&M Reviews will be casting their votes as well. Just because nominee A has %% votes and you think they are the winner, until Dawn announces on January 31st who the winner is, it is NOT a final tally.

Thank you!
Happy Reading ~
C.R. Moss

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