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11 December 2011

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Chasing Miss Kringle ~ 1 ( @evernightpub #sixsunday @6_Sunday )

#1 of Six Sentences over six weeks from 'Chasing Miss Kringle.'

     “You’re the only one left, Jack.”
     Victor’s request had to be some kind of joke. Yet the rigid set of his wide shoulders and straight face told me otherwise. Disbelieving what I’d just heard, I continued to stare at my PI partner and friend. What did Vic mean he wanted me to track down an elf? There were serious cases to work on, like helping my buddies in Metro track down a couple of high end thieves.

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Alix said...

Great introduction. I want more.

Heather Thurmeier said...

Such an intriguing premise! I'm going to look this one up!

Sherry Gloag said...

Oh I love the tone of this. My wish list is so long it's going to trip me up soon. Great six.

Claire Gillian said...

The elven menace must be stopped! LOL Ooh, best part is I have the book that contains this short so I can keep reading.

Angela Guillaume said...

Tracking down an elf? Oh my, this makes for something very, very interesting! Thanks for sharing your six. x

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Love the tone!

Cate Masters said...

Great hook! Excellent teaser. Looking forward to more!

Krystal Wade said...

Cute! Chasing down elves! I like where this is going!

E. P. Beaumont said...

"What did Vic mean he wanted me to track down an elf?" At this point we are not in Kansas any more (at a minimum!) Nice transition from the ordinary to the uncanny, done with deadpan understatement.