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21 October 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Wild West Hauntings ( #sixsunday @6_Sunday @rmsotera @evernightpub ) for Oct. 21

Coming soon (October 26, 2012) to Evernight Publishing! Six Sentences from Wild West Hauntings

* That she’d been having a relationship with a man in her dreams? Very juicy dreams with someone whose facial features have been nondescript? I know his name, have heard his voice, felt his body as we’ve loved each other, but I have no clue what he looks like since his face is always in dream shadow. With a deep sigh, she slid out of the car into the dry winter air of the high desert and grabbed her luggage from the trunk. Why am I even worrying about this? He’s just a figment of my overly-stressed mind.

For more on book 1 in the series Wild West Weekend & upcoming information on book 2 Wild West Hauntings visit Double D Ranch Tales blog & for other Six Sentence participants visit


Jessica Subject said...

Or is he? So intriguing! :)

Gayle said...

Saucy dreams, eh? Nice. :D

patonlorraine said...

Hmmm... I suspect there is more than just imagination at work. :)

Karysa Faire said...

Sounds like my kind of dreams! And a really fun read. ;-)