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21 December 2012

Z0mbie/Mayan Ap0calypse Bl0g H0p Bl0w Out ~ P0st 1

Well, it’s 12/21/2012. Are we still here? Yes? Lovely.
* To start off the Z0mbie/Mayan Ap0calypse Bl0g H0p Bl0w Out I’m going to share part of a post I did back in the summer of 2009…
Let me say that I’m a bit of an astronomy, astrology, Mayan calendar enthusiast. Shows, articles, books regarding those subjects will catch my eye and interest. So when this commercial came on touting a group that’s been set up for human survival when the events of 2012 hit, I perked up. It claimed that science has evidence to back up the mythology of what’s to occur in 2012 when the planets align and that there’s a group that will hold a lottery to ensure everyone has an equal chance at surviving the cataclysms. I’m intrigued. Science can back up the stories? Cool! There’s a group called the Institute for Human Continuity setting up safe havens? That’s good to know, not just because it will help out humanity, but lets me know that a story line I’m working on now seems plausible if something like this is already being done. Ooh, and there’s a website. ( Research material!
* Then I noticed the fine print.
* “This film is not yet rated.”
* Damn. Hollywood got me on that one.
* Yep, it’s all subliminal advertising for a movie that’s coming out. ( & (
* But that’s alright. The website still provided fodder for my imagination. And, yes, Hollywood achieved its goal of piquing my interest for the movie.
* Bah, Baaaaa, bah…
I can be a good little sheep on occasion. I did eventually see the movie ~ ‘2012’ ~ but my take on it is for a discussion on another day.
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* Happy Hopping and Good Luck!


Kathleen Grieve said...

I think I've seen that movie! We will definitely have to talk! Love your writing. Your heros are to die for! Pardon the end of the world pun!

Eva's Flowers said...

Ha! You will not believe what movie I was just watching...ready for it 2012! Yes it was just on, how funny is that?? Anyway, what movie was my favorite, well, I didn't make to too many of them, but I really was looking forward to the last part of the Twilight series, went to the midnight showing and I loved it!

Liked both of your FB pages previously!