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26 December 2012

Z0mbie/Mayan Ap0calypse Bl0g H0p Bl0w 0ut ~ P0st 2

* Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I tell ya I'm looking forward to NYE & January 1, 2013 rolling around. I'll explain more in my 12/31 post.
* For now though... I mentioned the 2012 movie the other day and the links the advertisements used which tricked me into thinking something cool was going on.
* Well, I eventually did see the movie. The first time I watched it I thought it was pretty good and couldn't understand why the reviewers didn't like it. Then I watched it a few more times and began to see why. Sure, severe cataclysms like they portrayed could possibly happen -- major earthquakes, super volcanoes, flooding, but it was the little things in the film that niggled at me. Like out driving the earthquake damage, watching the caldera blow ~ surviving that ~ and then being able to outrun it & a flood that so bad that it stops several hundred feet from the top of Mount Everest? Really? The mountain has an elevation of 29,029 feet (8,848 m). Okay storyline & I'll have the movie on in the background when it comes on television, but I cringe at the scientific inaccuracies.
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* The question(s): Ever see a movie or read a book that made you cringe? What was the name of it and why?
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* Happy Hopping and Good Luck!

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