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19 April 2013

A Look At Christina St. Claire and Amanda Armstrong & 'Ten Yen True' ( @kidbooker @mandymia @GoddessFish #FF )

Today we have authors Christina St. Claire and Amanda Armstrong visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourselves?
~ Christina St. Claire
* Award winning author, former shop-girl, chemist, and pastor, is currently a spiritual director, Reiki Master (don't read too much into the title master!), wife, animal lover, and writer.
* She says, "Boring life? Let's not do duty. Let's do awe! Take a look at your own complexity? You might be amazed. Life leads us into so many interesting and sometimes difficult crossroads where we get to choose what now, what next? As a student of mysticism and spirituality in all its incarnations both religious, secular, and new age, I want to understand what life is about, what is truth? I am still seeking, but I am offering to those who are interested my insights weaved throughout my essays and stories. I hope my writings might add to your already surprising lives."
~ Amanda Armstrong
* As author of Rose, this is my second published novel. They say everybody has at least one book in them. I have thousands, just screaming to get out!
* A former banker turned wife and mother, I've been given the privilege to do just that and I am having so much fun.

What book are you going to tell us about today?
* Ten Yen True. Kaizen! That’s what Caitlin, JJ, Paul, and Tommy need--to change for the better. When they each mysteriously receive one of four ten yen coins, none of them know or understand why or where their journey is about to take them. Ten Yen True intertwines the lives of four people, all of whom have need of one another to bring about healing and wholeness and are being mysteriously helped by a Japanese monk. It is a story of hope, love, forgiveness and miracles, exploring the spiritual and psychological underpinnings of the main characters, demonstrating the interconnectedness of human beings.

A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
* When four ten yen coins are mysteriously received, who knows where the journey will lead and what miracles may occur along the way.
* For many years, the monk sat beside the Ajiike pond as he did today in the early morning, breathing in the peaceful settings of the Pure Land gardens. He was angry at the awful atrocities so recently bestowed upon his people.
* Caitlin was ambitious to the point of ruthlessness.
* JJ was counting on getting a job at Johns Hopkins...he had to get out of Ashland KY and his father’s house before he blew his stack.
* Little Tommy...He glanced again at the coin beside his hospital bed and felt suddenly peaceful. Like maybe everything would be ok.
* Paul Somerville... Tommy’s father, former Hollywood actor, wannabe political star.
* Four people...four ten yen coins.
* And a miracle...?

~ Excerpt ~
* Paul ran out of the hospital with journalists and camera-men swooping after him. He plunged through the revolving door, glad the camera guys would be delayed by having to exit through a side door. Outside the hospital, he saw a lone guy balancing a heavy movie camera on his shoulder. Paul swung around so fast he lost his balance and fell. On his feet in a matter of seconds, he knew it was too late. He could almost see the image of himself sprawling on the concrete outside Kosair Children's Hospital. It would be relentlessly flashed to every news agency in America. For once, Paul did not want the publicity, did not want to explain his stupid mistake, how he'd not been there for Tommy, how, if anything, he'd made matters worse.

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Thank you for joining us here today, Amanda and Christina! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Christina and Amanda will be awarding an 8 x 8 inch framed tile of Japanese Gardens in Seattle Washington to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour! So be sure to leave your name and email with your comment and visit other tour stops (find them here: for a greater chance of winning!

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