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18 April 2013

Going Decadent ~ My story #DecadentAuthors #DecadentJourney @decadentpub

Hi everyone! Today a bunch of Decadent Publishing authors are sharing their stories about their Decadent Journey. Authors will be discussing their first acceptances to adventures in decadent edits to book cover delights or perhaps even their favorite edit bloopers!
* My Decadent journey started in September 2011 when I went to a conference in Las Vegas and met some of the wonderful ladies associated with Decadent Publishing. During one of our gab fests, I learned about the 1NightStand series. It sounded like a great line, and I was excited to work on some stories for it. After returning home from the convention, I immediately set to work on drafting up some ideas and writing my first 1NS book—Sunset Desires. It was picked up and since then I’ve published a second one called Sunset Seduction. My third story, Sunset Temptations, is due out at the end of May while my fourth one, Sunset Heat is in the editing queue.
* I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed writing for the 1NS series. They have a thorough editing process, great covers and the women at Decadent are just as lovely and nice in person as they are online. If you’re a beginning writer just starting out in the publishing world or a seasoned author interested in composing short stories, I recommend checking out the series and giving it go with writing a story for it. :)
* To read more authors’ stories visit the Decadent blog for a listing of participants. If you don't happen to see a list there, then visit these hashtags at twitter: #DecadentAuthors &/or #DecadentJourney


Jessica Subject said...

Oh, I'd love to meet the ladies from Decadent in person! Lucky you! :)

JoAnne Kenrick said...

here here! We'll meet 'em one day, Jessica.

And my goodness, lots of authors began with Decadent via a one night stand, erm, I mean a 1Night Stand book. Thought I should clarify ;) It is a super wicked series! And they're so much fun to write (and read).

Fierce Dolan said...

It would be awesome if we could all hang out sometime. Who knows? It could happen.
Cheers to you!

Hales said...

we need to have a 1NS sleepover event lol and all of us can meet and have fun. I love that many of us started with this fabulous series

Sara Daniel said...

Love the idea of a 1NS sleepover. Might be awkward to explain to my hubby, though. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm glad to know the 1NS process is a fun one. I have one accepted at DP that won't be out till later this year, but so many good DP authors are in the 1NS ranks I'll always be in good company!