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15 May 2013

Darkening emotions ~ Hump Day H00k ( #HDH @rmsotera )

Hi all! Wow. Another week's come and gone, and we're back to Hump Day Hook where authors share snippets from their stories. :)
This week I'm sharing more from Wild West Hauntings, the second book in the Double D Ranch Tales saga.

* The colorful radiance of the setting sun haloed the lodge behind them, changing from gold to a wonderful, romantic magenta glow that bordered the top of the mountains. A weird forlorn sensation overcame her, replaced the hot envy. Rachel checked herself. She should be happy now being in the company of her sister after a handful of years. Why were the momentary spurts of jealousy inking her mind, darkening her thoughts? Why did she feel like she had lost her best friend?

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An FYI: RM and I have 3 novellas and 2 novel length stories in the works for this series. We're also planning a special intimate event at Hot Mojave Knights ~ A Romance Readers' Event in Las Vegas regarding our Wild West series of books! So come out, meet us, enjoy the weekend and find out what we have planned for the series. And if you follow this blog and the Double D Blog, keep an eye out for upcoming blog h0ps for prizes and an extra special HMK prize from me and RM Sotera. ;) To keep up with the Double D Ranch Tales saga, visit: Double D Ranch Tales Blog.


Anonymous said...

Love the description. Great hook :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely description! I want to know where the pangs of envy are coming from!