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05 June 2013

Lead in to this week's Hump Day H00k...

This week's Hump Day Hook is also a part of my 'Sunset Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt.' :)
During the first two days of the tour & hunt, I've been sharing a continuing excerpt. Because what's been posted so far is too long to include in the HDH post, I'm putting it here to lead into Day 3's post.

* Butterflies and nerves paired up in Kiran’s stomach and danced the rumba. Not long now. He checked his appearance and outfit one more time. His thick dark hair stayed gelled in place. Black suit jacket and pants were lint free from what he could see in the mirror’s reflection. Crimson tie lay flat against his crisp white shirt. He retrieved the flower from the refrigerator and attached it to the lapel. With a deep breath, he left his room.
* On the way to the Shadscale Bar, he stopped outside the Mesquite Ballroom. Volunteers stood behind a table with a spinning drum that reminded him of the ball mixer at bingo games. After verifying his name and attendance, he filled out a card and popped it into the bin. His wish? To have enough money to make good on his extreme loan and be able to pay for a new place. He somehow had to make it up to Ivy for his stupid mistakes.
* After he arrived at the bar, one of the servers led him to a private table in the back corner. He sat facing the entryway. Moments later, a waiter brought over a plate of white cheese balls with tomatoes and thin slices of meat.
* “I don’t think this is mine,” he told the man. “I haven’t ordered anything yet.”
* “It’s on behalf of Mr. Bourbon. When you finish, I will bring you the soup. He will join you for the rest of the meal. He wanted you to get started.”
* The butterflies in his stomach dropped like pebbles, weighing heavy at the bottom. “Oh, okay.” Fidgety nerves had him wondering if he could eat, but he dug into the food anyway. Plus, he planned to continue drinking. Alcohol on an empty stomach would be a recipe for disaster.
* Kiran pushed aside his empty soup bowl, took a sip of his second drink, then caught sight of a handsome, tall man in a black on black suit with a dark gray tie entering the lounge. He wore a sunset-hued rose boutonnière as well. If the guy approaching happened to be Mr. Bourbon, Madame Evangeline had done a wonderful job picking out the scrumptious male specimen. Kiran loved the color of the man’s hair. He rose on wobbly legs.
* “Hello, Mr. Emerson. I’m Robert Bourbon.”
* The man’s smooth, accented voice, along with the way his slow, seductive gaze sweeping up and down Kiran’s body sent his libido raging. The appraisal was followed by a sexy grin of approval. Heat lanced his gut and sliced straight to his cock. The other man’s strong facial features and straight white teeth filled Kiran with wanting and a need to be close to him. He accepted a handshake and cleared his throat. “Please, call me Kiran.”
* “Kiran it is then. Feel free to call me Robert or Rob.”

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