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05 June 2013

Day 3 of Tour & Hunt: Bourbon ~ Hump Day H00k ( #HDH @decadentpub #1NS #1NightStand )

Hi all! Wow. Another week's come and gone, and we're back to Hump Day Hook where authors share snippets from their stories. :)
* Today's hook is in tandem with my 'Sunset Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt' regarding my recent release, Sunset Temptations. If you want to read the lead in to today's hook, (Day 3 ‘special word’: reader) please see the post before this one. :)

* Kiran dropped into the chair before his knees gave out on him.
* “So what are you drinking?” Robert took a seat across the small table from him.
* “Bourbon, Mr. Bourbon.” His attempt at humor didn’t come off like he’d wanted. He hoped Robert didn’t think it was as cheesy as it sounded.
* The corner of his lips tilted up for a second. “Sounds good. May I have a taste?”
(For the next part of the excerpt be sure to visit tomorrow’s stop on the tour! )

Please stop by and read the other authors participating in this week's HDH ~

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Lucy Felthouse said...

Great hook, well done!

Jessica Subject said...

I can feel a bit of sexual tension sizzling there. Great hook! And I love the cover for this story! :)

Alisha Robinson said...

Love this hook ... bit of sexual tension going on I wonder where it leads!

Anonymous said...

Yup, can definitely feel something going n here. Great hook. Thank you. 😍

Anonymous said...

A fun, flirty feel to this hook! And great cover art to boot!

SherryGLoag said...

Interesting hook.

Anonymous said...

A neat hook there.

Shadow said...

Great excerpt! Too short! Your really dragging it out. lol I love it! :D The characters are very...intriguing and captivating! :) Thanks for sharing! I'll see ya tomorrow!

meryvamp said...

Love the dialogue in this. It's short, but just in those few words, you really get a sense of playfulness and a little bit of flirting. Great hook!

Anonymous said...

Great hook!

joye said...

Thanks for the excerpt. Now I want to read the rest of the story.

Mer said...

Short excerpt, but some definite chemistry! Looking forward to the full story.

dancingcelt at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Love the blurb--Decadent publishing is great at INS- has most of the books. Love their 1/2 price day , too.

Sydney said...

Awesome hook!!
Like your Blog too :)
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Best Wishes,
Sydney W