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23 August 2013

A Look At Chase Williams from 'Chasing Matt' ( @eileengriffin77 @NikkaMichaels @evernightpub #erom #LGBT )

Today we have Chase Williams visiting from the story Chasing Matt. Welcome!

Chase, what would you like to tell readers about yourself? For instance, Where are you from? Do you have an interesting job? What brought you to the setting/point in the story where you come in? Etcetera...
* Thanks for having me on your blog today. I’m a web designer from the Chicago area. My friends rag on me when I go on and on about my job, so I’ll just say that it’s an amazing feeling when I can help create a better, more efficient web site for a person or company. And yes, I realize that makes me a total and complete techno-geek.
* The story is how I met Matt, who I think you’re going to talk to you next week, right? So, I come into the story on page one when my friend Brett calls, asking me to go have drinks with him at a local bar.

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
* For the most part? No. Actually, the way people perceive me is part of the reason I even end up meeting Matt. I’m more of a shy, stay at my computer, hang out a home with a couple of good friends kind of guy. My ex, Stephen? He’s more of a partier. And my friends? They think I should get out my apartment and put myself out there more. What they don’t get is that at home or out, I just want someone who accepts me for who I am: a quiet homebody, who just wants to find someone with a good heart and a great sense of humor, but doesn’t have to spend every minute in a club being the life of the party.

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them?
* *laughs* I think both Matt and I would be in for some serious trouble if the two authors of this story (Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels) were pulled into our world. I have a feeling they would immediately call up Caro (Nurse Caroline) to plan a night out. Then they’d drag me and Matt out with them, probably torturing us with multiple rounds of really bad karaoke. Caro would be in heaven. On second thought, let’s just leave the authors right where they are, okay?

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
* *turns bright red* Um, can I point to Chapter Eight in the book and just leave that as my answer? Yeah. That right there. Hands down.

What’s your take on Mr. Hodges?
* Mr. Hodges is the best neighbor I could ask for. He’s older, so he asks for help with projects around the apartment all the time. But he’s kind and has helped me out in some stressful situations, like driving me to the hospital after I hurt my wrist. Now, he does have a certain fondness for Brussels sprouts that I cannot for the life of me figure out, but I’m pretty lucky to have him across the hall from me.

Now for some author information!
* My authors are Eileen Griffin & Nikka Michaels. Today we're highlighting, Eileen Griffin. Eileen Griffin lives in the Southwest but loves to travel and has spent many summers crossing Europe with nothing but a backpack on her back. She enjoys TexMex, lives for good wine, and has a certain penchant for purple unicorns. She loves reading all genres of books, but her current obsession is writing m/m with lots of boy kissing. The novella Chasing Matt, with co-author Nikka Michaels and published by Evernight Publishing, is her first published piece.

You can find Eileen Griffin here...
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Now for some book information!
A look into the story

~ Blurb ~
* Chase Williams is a gorgeous but painfully shy web designer whose long term boyfriend dumped him for being such a “nice” guy. His friends encourage him to get out of his nerd cave of a home office but Chase isn’t ready for change. Instead of meeting his buddies at the local bar he heads to his elderly neighbor’s apartment to lend a hand with a DIY project. When a wobbly step ladder leads to a banged up wrist and a trip to the ER Chase is convinced it’s the worst night ever. Then he meets his handsome nurse.
* Matt Owens is the boy next door who loves working at a nurse practitioner in the busy ER. Except for nights like this when half his patients have the flu. He’s more than ready to clock out from his double shift until he meets the sexy patient in Bed 4. Matt’s bedside manner is charming enough to make Chase consider throwing caution to the wind and going after what he wants for a change. But will Matt’s attraction to Chase be enough to make him to break his rule about never dating patients?
Be warned: m/m sex
~ Excerpt ~
* Nurse Matt Owens paused and held my eyes for a minute before leaning over to type some notes on the computer. My skin flushed when he looked away. I liked the feeling of his eyes on me. I only wished he did it with personal interest instead of the clinical way he evaluated my injury.
* I shifted on the stretcher as he gently manipulated my wrist, his hands steady and warm through the gloves. The pain was mostly manageable, until he held onto my forearm with one hand, and flexed my hand backward with the other. I jumped and yelped, unable to hide how much even that small movement hurt. When he held my hand still and slowly moved his thumb in circles over the top of my wrist, my breath hitched. The pain of the injury mixed with a deeper pleasure that shot straight to my cock. I quickly shifted my good arm to cover my lap.
* “Pain?” Matt’s concerned eyes met mine as he moved his thumb, gently rubbing the swollen skin between my thumb and pointer finger.
* “A little.”
* “Pressure points can help alleviate pain sometimes, but right now you’re too swollen to receive any real benefit. This pressure point is called the Valley of Harmony, but I’m sensing this is less than harmonic for you.”
* I thought I saw the smallest hint of a smirk on his lips, but I couldn’t be sure since his face was still tilted down toward my arm. I cursed at myself for getting turned on by a nurse’s clinical exam.

Buy Chasing Matt here...
Evernight Publishing | Amazon | All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand

Thank you for joining us here today, Chase Williams! It was a pleasure getting to know about you, the story you're in, and your author(s).

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