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06 August 2013

Tuesday Treat ~ A Look At Tamsin Baker & 'Fighting Destiny' ( @evernightpub #erom #menage )

Today we have author Tamsin Baker visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* Well, I’m a Gemini Aussie, full time working mum, who is determined to have published works in every erotic romance sub genre there is.

What book are you going to tell us about today? Is it part of a series? If so, what's the order the books should be read in?
* Fighting Destiny It's part of the series: Shifters of the Land, Sea and Air. This is the first book in the series, so go with this one until September and the second one comes out :)

How'd you/your muse come up with this story?
* I decided I wanted to do a shifter story and I love ménage. So I got the initial scene of the story in my head, Jeremy having a cigarette, thinking about his hometown, and I just started writing. The story reveals itself to me as I write and half way through I go back and add details to the start.

Describe the hero in five words.
* Jeremy is, Dominant, Hardworking, Loyal, Loving and Demanding.

Describe the heroine in five words.
* Natalia is Confident, Sensual, Brave, Protective and Beautiful.

If ménage/multiple partners, then describe the third person in five words.
* Tommy is Gorgeous, Cheeky, Brave, Hard working and Loving.

Who's your favorite character in the book & why?
* Hmmm… hard call. Jeremy is the classic alpha male, but Tommy is just sooo adorable.

What's your favorite line in the story?
* Fuck! He wanted to keep on hating Jeremy! It made things so much easier.

A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
* Jeremy left his small hometown ten years ago determined to get away from the female child who is his predestined mate.
* But Natalia, a rare tiger shifter, has been kidnapped and Jeremy chooses to return to help the land shifter pack find her.
* What he doesn't expect when he returns home, is his attraction to Natalia's boyfriend Tommy and the fact that his tiger mate is still unclaimed.
* Jeremy finds himself falling in love with both Tommy and Natalia, yet the rival shifters of the sky seem determined to rip them from him.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex
~ Excerpt ~
* Jeremy stood in his cold bedroom, shirtless and in need of a smoke. He knew it was just above freezing, but his skin burnt hot, and he was in no danger of getting sick. His shifter genes meant his body ran several degrees higher than the average person, especially on nights like tonight. The nights when he felt the call of the shifter, his tiger blood beating a steady tattoo against his heart, unable to be denied.
* In his mind he remembered a conversation he’d had with his father when he had been ten years old. It was a conversation that he had replayed over many times before.

* “Daddy, will I be an Alpha like you?” He looked up at his father, his hero.
* His father moved across the room, his movements strong and graceful. He sat down in a nearby chair so that he could look directly into Jeremy’s eyes. Eyes that were the same silver. Eyes of a tiger.
* “Jeremy, I am one of the pack leaders, but I am not the Alpha.”
* Jeremy stared at his father with a frown. He didn’t understand. Of course his father was the Alpha male of their pack.
* “What do you mean, Daddy?”
* His father’s sigh was full of longing as he flexed his large shoulders.
* “There hasn’t been a true Alpha in our pack for two generations. Our pack is ruled by a group of five male leaders, but if we had an Alpha, he would rule us all.”
* “I still don’t understand Daddy.”
* “The legend goes that ‘the true Alpha will be strong and he will protect us all.
* He will be of pure blood and mated to one of pure blood.’ "
* That confused Jeremy further because his father fulfilled those requirements.
* “But you and Mum are full blooded tigers, Dad.”
* “Yes, Jeremy. But there is more to the legend. More words that I only learned after I had proven that I was not worthy. You may grow to be the Alpha of the land shifters. I hope that you are. But I am not.”

* Jeremy lifted his hand and lit his nightly cigarette. The end glowed red before dying down to a deep gray. He inhaled the smoke deeply, an artificial sense of calm invading his anxious body. Something felt wrong, very wrong, and he couldn’t shake it. It had been present all day, and everything in him screamed to get moving.

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Thank you for joining us here today, Tamsin Baker! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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