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05 August 2013

A Look At James from 'A Secret Love' ( @DBlackErotica @evernightpub #LGBT #erom #shortstory )

Today we have James visiting from the story A Secret Love. Welcome!

James, what would you like to tell readers about yourself? For instance, Where are you from? Do you have an interesting job? What brought you to the setting/point in the story where you come in? Etcetera...
* I was born in Glasgow and I’ve spent most of my life here. I teach history in high school and I do enjoy my job, but I know I won’t be teaching for much longer. I’m moving abroad soon, I hope, so I’ll be leaving Scotland and the old me far behind. I can’t wait for that. My whole adult life has been shaped by the simple fact that I fell in love with the ‘wrong’ person. We’ve been in a relationship for years, but we can’t see each other as often as we want. When we move abroad all that will change. We’ll be together every day. I’ve been dreaming about that for years and now it’s finally about to become a reality. I’m so excited!

Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
* The people around me barely know me, and that’s the way I want things to be. When you get close to people they start asking questions, wanting to know more about you, and I can’t have that. So, yes, I’m happy that people perceive me as a normal guy; a history teacher just plodding through life one day at a time. They don’t need to know anymore than that.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
* Expressing love is damn near impossible for me, but not for the reasons you think. I’m not emotionally stunted. I have no problem showing affection and no problem expressing my love, but it’s the opportunity I’m lacking.
* You see, Mark is the only man I have ever really loved and I can’t be with him. I can’t see him whenever I want, we can’t live together… sometimes I can’t even call him when I want to speak to him. We have to be so careful not to get caught. Months can pass before we’re able to meet up to be together and there’s nothing we can do to change that fact. When we do get together it’s wonderful, but it’s such a rare experience. When you love someone, you want to be with them all the time and you want to show them how much you love them. Not being able to do that, not being able to show that person affection every day, or even just when they need it most, is horrific. I wouldn’t wish my situation on anyone.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
* A few years ago, Mark was working in Madrid. One month, he had a few free days so I flew out to see him and we drove to Granada. We booked into a beautiful cave hotel, carried in food and water and locked the door behind us. We only left the room to watch the sunset and the dawn. It had been seven months since we had been together and the first time we made love was mind-blowing. I’d never felt anything like it. I felt like I was a part of him and I knew then and there that I had to spend the rest of my life with him. Having him once every seven months just wasn’t enough.

Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?
* There are only two things I want in life: I want to be with Mark, and I want to be happy. Being with Mark makes me happy, so as long as I’m with him I don’t have to worry about the future. That sounds pathetic, I know, but it’s the truth!
* In six months I want to be on a beach with the sand between my toes and Mark’s hand in mine – a nice fruity cocktail with a little umbrella wouldn’t go amiss either (!) – and I want that to be a daily occurrence, not a one-off experience. I think it will be!

If you could time travel and/or live anywhere in the world, where would you go and/or where would that be?
* A beautiful stretch of coastline winds it way north from Lima in Peru all the way to the border with Ecuador. The beaches between Chiclayo and Mancora are astoundingly good, or so I’ve been told. I’ve never been there myself, but I want to go. I’d like to live there. Have my own little corner of paradise. It would beat the never-ending Glaswegian rain for sure!

Now for some author information!
* My author isDouglas Black. Douglas Black was born and raised in bonnie Scotland. He started writing erotica as a means of paying the bills when he was a student at university, but after graduation he found he no longer had the time to write. Over the summer of 2012, Black picked up a pen once more. After a brief, successful flirtation with self-publishing, Black’s novella ‘Business or Pleasure’ was picked up and released in April 2013. It quickly made the publisher’s best-sellers list. Douglas Black’s short story, ‘A Secret Love’, was published in July 2013 by Evernight Publishing.

You can find my author, Douglas Black, here...
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Now for some book information!
A look into the story A Secret Love
~ Blurb ~
* James is nervous when he pulls into the car park of the secluded and conservative Caledonian Hotel. He slips off his wedding ring, gives a false name at reception and checks into his room.
* When Mark finally arrives James expects their time together to conform to the usual pattern, but Mark surprises him. Mark wants candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. James, well, James just wants to make up for lost time. More importantly, he doesn’t want to get caught. They have six months left before they can leave behind everything they know and start a new life together and James is desperate to be discrete.
* Unfortunately, he never could control himself around Mark. Throw in an interfering old couple and some very public displays of affection and Mark and James’s short hotel stay might just be about to destroy not only the secrecy that has always shrouded their relationship, but also their plans for a future together.
Warning: m/m sex, sex toys, public exhibition
~ Excerpt ~ (Warning! It’s a steamy one!)
* He pulled James into the elevator when the doors opened and punched in their floor. Before James could think, Mark had spun him up against the wall. The elevator was lined with mirrors and Mark turned James’s face to the right so James could watch himself in Mark’s arms. He was painfully hard and his erection was obvious.
* Mark lowered his hands and James kept watching as Mark started to rub him through the thin material. His cock thumped up against Mark’s hand and James failed to stifle a moan. He was desperate. Had been desperate all day. His stomach clenched with want and his balls felt heavy between his legs. His cock craved the man before him.
* Looking in the mirror he saw someone he barely recognised. Someone so different to the straight-laced, responsible schoolteacher he spent his days pretending to be. He saw a man much younger than his twenty-eight years. A man who couldn’t care less about responsibilities and appearances. A man lost to the depths of his passion. A man whose hair hung about his face and whose shirt was being pulled loose from his waistband. He saw a man who was panting as another man stroked long fingers across his tight belly. He saw a man who was spreading his legs for another man, begging him with his body as much as with the look in his eyes, to take him. To fuck him. To make him feel good and let him forget all the shit he had had to put up with in his life between the time of their last meeting and now.

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Thank you for joining us here today, James! It was a pleasure getting to know about you, the story you're in, and your author.

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