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13 October 2013

Celebrating the 200th 1Night Stand story! ( #1NS #birthday @decadentpub #books )

......It's milestone time ~ Decadent Publishing's 1Night Stand series is 200!
......No, that's not an age joke, but it IS a major deal, and from October 14 to the 20th, the Decadent Publishing company and its people are going to celebrate the HECK out of this accomplishment!
......A few years back, Valerie Mann, Kate Richards and Olivia Starke proposed a 3-book series about a woman who sets up one night stands, and at the end of the dates the couples end up with HEAs. Then they chatted the premise up to a few authors they knew who decided they, too, wanted to write stories for the series. And then... Well, let's just say the series went all Mickey D's and became SUPERSIZED. And, here we are!

......During the week long event (Oct. 14-20), the Decadent Publishing Book Club will have 1NS author spotlights with a big Book Club event on that Thursday (17th), the 1NS and DDD blogs will be all 1NS-centric, and Kate and Val are going on a Blog Tour. Check back here on the 14th for Val's guest spot, on the 17th for Kate's appearance and on the 20th for Olivia's.
......Last but not least ~ There's a FANTASTIC giveaway! Enter via the rafflecopter:
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..(This post went live at 12:01AM GMT 14 Oct 2013. If the rafflecopter wasn't active at the posting, check back in a few hours. It should be live at 12:01 AM Eastern and no later than 12:01 AM Pacific.)

......Congrats Decadent on your successful 1Night Stand series & reaching the 200th book!

......See C.R. Moss' contributions to the 1NS line HERE

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