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14 October 2013

A Look At Jackson Castillo from 'To Feel Again' & 1NS Celebration! ( #1NS #birthday @decadentpub @mannvalerie #books )

......Today we have Jackson Castillo visiting from the story To Feel Again (1Night Stand series Book 1). Welcome!

......Jackson, what would you like to tell readers about yourself?
......* I’m a Cuban-American businessman, born and raised in Miami, and the CEO of the Castillo Resort and Hotel chain. I was once married to my company, but my wife, Leah, made me get a divorce. Now the company is my demanding mistress, which is all Leah will allow. She makes me leave the mistress at the office.
......* Madame Evangeline, owner of the 1Night Stand dating service uses my hotels quite often for her date arrangements, which is how we met. Eve, that is. Well, that’s not quite true, she and I have never met, but we speak on the phone. She’s a mysterious Frenchwoman and can be…interesting. Other than Leah, she’s the only person who gets away with telling me what to do. Frankly, she frightens me. The woman can read minds, see into the future, the past, parallel universes, outer-freaking-space…. Maybe I’m more scared of her than my wife. Hell, strike that out of the interview. Neither woman needs to know that, they’ll both use it against me somehow.

......Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
......* Ms. Mann? She lets everyone run rampant in her stories. They lack discipline, tell her where they’re going, what they’re doing. She has no control over them.
......* I behaved. I believe I might be the only one though.
......* I refused to be anything other than my buff, tall, dark and handsome self. I sure told her who was boss. I mean, I’m smokin’, there’s just no other way to portray me.
......* Okay, Leah just typed that. This is what happens when she reads over my shoulder. Sorry.

......If you were taken out of the story and placed into your author’s world, what would be the first thing you’d do?
......* Make her write more. If I can find the time to run a hotel empire (while being super hot, signed, Leah), she can find the time to write. Maybe playing Candy Crush is the problem. (I love Candy Crush. ~Leah)

......If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to her?
......* Valerie Mann would finally understand what a completely orgasmic world she writes in. Maybe that would motivate her to write more. I’ll ask her.

......What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
......* Do you recall who is reading (and typing) over my shoulder? There’s a reason why I’m scared of her.
......(Smokin’ hot and smart. That’s my Jackson. ~ Leah)

......Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?
......* World domination. That would be an accomplishment. Realistically? Having my sons run the company once I retire. I’m in no hurry to have kids, by the way.
......* (But I make him practice with me. A lot. He’s a stud muffin.~ Leah)
......* I give up.

......Now for some author information!
......* My author is Valerie Mann. Valerie Mann is the superwoman every woman tries to be…mother of five attractive, successful children, vixen in and out of the bedroom, runway model fashionista, extreme gardener, and just recently crashed on bestseller lists as a romance author.
......* In real life, Valerie is the mother of five lovely, but ordinary children. Sure, she’s a vixen in and out of the bedroom, which explains the herd of kids. The closest she gets to a runway is an airport, and while she thinks gardens of all sorts are wonderful, she figures that hobby can wait until retirement, if her knees last that long. And that crashing you heard was Valerie collapsing on the couch at the end of a very long day. As for romance, she writes and likes to think she can tell an amazing tale of love or two. Her husband of nearly thirty years won’t read her stories because they make him blush but is content in the knowledge he’s the inspiration for every one of them.
......* Valerie currently works as a managing editor for an electronic publisher and is the co-owner of a company that provides editing services for writers.

......You can find my author, Valerie Mann, here...
......Website/Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads

......Now for some book information!
......A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
......* When Leah loses her fiancé, Mark, in Afghanistan, it takes nearly a year to get to the point where she’s ready to live again. Although she doesn’t want an emotional commitment, a night of consensual sex, even with a stranger, might help bring her some closure after Mark’s death. Enlisting the services of Madame Evangeline’s high-end, online dating service, One Night Stand, promises exactly what Leah is looking for—sex with a man she doesn’t have to see again, but one who will satisfy her physical needs now that she's ready to move on with her life.
......* Jackson Castillo has no desire to go on a date with one of Evangeline’s clients. 1Night Stand uses his hotel for its client’s rendezvous, but otherwise, he never gets involved. When Eve threatens to take her business elsewhere unless he helps her with a particular case, he’s no fool. He’ll go on the date. But he won’t sleep with the woman.
......* When one thing leads to another, his good intentions to stay out of the bedroom with Leah are shattered. The sex is phenomenal, but there’s more to Leah he wants to explore. After she leaves the next morning without a goodbye, he’s both disappointed and royally pissed. Will he let her go or find a way to convince her she’s ready…to feel again? ......
~ Excerpt ~
......(Author note: Madame Eve calls an unprepared Jackson Castillo to inform him he has a date of his own)
......* “I need a favor, my dear.” Eve paused as the nonstop tapping of a keyboard on the other end of the line echoed in her ear.
......* Such a driven man. He needs to find an outlet. Some relief, or at the very least, a distraction from his relentless, busy schedule.
......* A deep voice finally resonated with resigned impatience. “What can I do for you, Eve?”
......* “I have a client with a very...special request. I’d like your help.” She paused, already knowing what the man’s response would be. A big, fat no fucking way. Not that the reply would deter her in the slightest. Once she set her sights on satisfying her clients, nothing kept her from that goal. Which made her the very best at what she did.
......* He didn’t bother to hide a sarcastic snort. “I’m afraid to ask. Last time you called with a ‘special request,’ I had to pay my maintenance guys overtime to reinforce hooks in the ceiling. I still don’t want to know what that was about.”
......* “Not that I’d tell you anyway. But, I promise no hooks this time.” She hesitated, aware of the need to tread carefully. “Jackson, this woman’s profile is very sad. She lost her fiancé in Afghanistan nearly a year ago. She misses him desperately and has had a difficult time moving on.”
......* More tapping. Obviously distracted, Jack grunted a non-committal, “Uh, huh.”
......* “She feels a one-night stand with a man similar to her fiancé would bring her some closure.”
......* The rapid tapping paused. “Hasn’t she heard of counseling?” What sounded like the scraping shuffle of a phone being readjusted filtered over the line. “And how does fucking a stranger help with the grieving process?”
......* Eve tsked. “Honestly, Jackson, you Americans and your blunt vulgarities. Of course she’s had counseling. I wouldn’t consider honoring her request otherwise.”
......* He tapped some more. “Your point, Eve? I’m busy. What’s the favor?”
......* She laughed. This was going to be so much fun. “I’m looking for her perfect one-night lover. She emailed her fiancé’s picture along with her profile. He was tall, with short black hair, dark eyes, Mediterranean coloring...very handsome.” And a dead ringer for someone else we know.
......* Silence curled in the airwaves between them for several, long seconds. Jackson was a smart man, it wouldn’t take him long to—
......* “No. Fucking. Way.”

......Buy To Feel Again here...
......Decadent Publishing | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand

......Thank you for joining us here today, Jackson! It was a pleasure getting to know about you, the story you're in, and your author.

..Celebrating the 200th 1Night Stand story!
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......No, that's not an age joke, but it IS a major deal, and from October 14 to the 20th, the Decadent Publishing company and its people are going to celebrate the HECK out of this accomplishment!
......A few years back, Valerie Mann, Kate Richards and Olivia Starke proposed a 3-book series about a woman who sets up one night stands, and at the end of the dates the couples end up with HEAs. Then they chatted the premise up to a few authors they knew who decided they, too, wanted to write stories for the series. And then... Well, the series went all Mickey D's and became SUPERSIZED. And, here we are!

......During the week long event (Oct. 14-20), the Decadent Publishing Book Club will have 1NS author spotlights with a big Book Club event on that Thursday (17th), the 1NS and DDD blogs will be all 1NS-centric, and Kate and Val are going on a Blog Tour. Check back here on the 14th for Val's guest spot, on the 17th for Kate's appearance and on the 20th for Olivia's.
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Kerry said...

Fantastic post--and a truly wonderful story! thanks for sharing!

Teri Riggs said...

Hi Jackson! I started reading your and Leah's story today. Tell your author I'm really enjoying it so far.

Valerie Mann said...

Thank you, Kerry...I'm happy to report that Valerie Mann is writing Gina's story (my sister, the chef at the resort). She has come out of her kitchen, looking a little pale, if you ask me, and she's ready for her own 1Night Stand.

Valerie Mann said...

Thanks, Teri! If you're ever in Las Vegas, look me and Leah up. She's always looking for an excuse to brag about my stud-muffin goodness (okay, Leah just typed over my shoulder again, sorry! But the offer stands!)

Sarah Romance said...

I love this story! I actually sobbed at one point!

Valerie Mann said...

Thank you for that great feedback, Sarah! I'm sorry it made you cry, but I'm glad you remembered it long after you were done reading!