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20 December 2013

A Look At Amber Carpenter from 'Wanton in the Wild West' ( @misswishlade @evernightpub #erom #menage )

..Today we have Amber Carpenter visiting from the story Wanton in the Wild West. Welcome!

..Amber Carpenter, what would you like to tell readers about yourself?
......* My name is Amber Carpenter and I’m 23 years old. At the start of the novella, set in 1890 when the North-Western Railroad reached Deadwood, I was returning home following a year in Chicago at Miss Claudia’s boarding house for young women. I really enjoyed my time in Chicago and I did not want to return to a life of drudgery in Deadwood. I had no intention of being someone’s wife and settling for whatever was doled out to me by my husband, especially a broken heart like my poor mother suffered.
......* When I met Gideon Swain and Harry Delaney, the two handsome cowboys who arrived to escort Maisie and me back to Deadwood, I was thrilled. They are both so gorgeous! Gideon is such an alpha male and Harry is so tender and caring. They seemed pretty taken with me too…if I might say! *giggles*
......* I have to admit that I fully intended on having some fun before returning to Deadwood.
......* However, that train journey home led to a future that I would never have expected in my wildest imaginings!!!

..Are you happy with the way people perceive you?
......* Well, being called a wanton is a bit embarrassing in some ways. I never set out to be that way but I guess I was just a bit ahead of my time. In 1890, there were so many restrictions on women and so many unwritten rules about what a woman could or couldn’t do. To folks back then, a woman was a wife and mother or a soiled dove. There was no grey area. I don’t mind the ‘label’ because I have a wicked sense of humour but what happens to me in the novella is about more than just my sexual awakening. It’s about my emotional journey too. So I guess I’m wanton for physical intimacy but also wanton for emotional intimacy, even though I didn’t think that I’d ever want or need the latter. It took two cowboys (not just one) to change my mind. *fans face rapidly*

..What’s your take on your friend Maisie?
......* Well, I’ve known Maisie for a long time and we had fun together in Chicago. You’ll have to read Wanton in the Wild West to find out what kind of fun! ;) But during that train journey from Chicago to Deadwood I realised how very different we are. Maisie wanted a traditional life, to get wed and raise children with a husband. She wanted to forget the past and to move on. As for me, I never wanted a regular ol’ life. I need more than that and maybe…maybe I get what I want. Or MORE than I want!!! That’s for me to know right now and for you to find out. *flutters eyelashes*

..If you were to spend a day with a reader, what would you two do together?
......* I would invite them to share a drink with me and take them on a tour of Deadwood. If they fancied a trip, we could ride the steam train to Chicago and maybe stop at the place which features in Wanton in the Wild West. I would answer their questions and find out more about them then pass that information on to Molly Ann Wishlade. She’s always keen to know what readers want and maybe she can incorporate their wishes or suggestions into her next romance novel. Of course, they can always email her directly if they’d like to do that anyway! :)

..Where do you see yourself in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?
......* My future will be very different to how I thought it would be. I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that it will certainly be interesting. I’m a lucky young woman and I’m looking forward to each and every day that I get to spend with…ooh! I nearly said too much! ;) I’m looking forward to spending more days like the one in the novella. Who wouldn’t?

..Now for some author information!
......* My author is Molly Ann Wishlade. Molly Ann Wishlade says, "I have always been an avid reader and writer of stories and I regularly indulge my love of romance and passion by getting lost in the delicious worlds created by romantic novelists. I don’t have as much time for reading as I would like anymore, so it is a real treat when I get the chance! I’m usually busy with my WIP, my next highly erotic tale about sexy, passionate alpha males and their lady loves – and sometimes their gorgeous male lovers too."

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..Now for some book information!
..A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
......* Sometimes a train journey can take you in an unexpected direction.
......* It is 1890, and the Chicago and North-Western Railroad now runs into Deadwood. After a year in Chicago, Amber Carpenter is homeward bound via steam train, escorted by two gorgeous cowboys. Amber swore a long time ago that she would never let a man hurt her, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not open to the idea of some fun.
......* Harry Delaney and Gideon Swain have their sights set on a bright future … if only their tragic past wasn’t holding them back. But from the moment they laid eyes on Amber Carpenter, they knew that there was something different about her.
......* Can the three of them turn their lives around within the space of a train journey?
......Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex ..
~ Excerpt ~
......* Amber was suddenly jolted from her reverie by a screech of metal and the sensation of flying through the air.
......* “Woah there, missy!” She looked up to find herself looking into Gideon’s handsome face. His fingertips dug into her upper arms, and she realized that she was between his legs. “Are you hurt?”
......* He frowned with concern as he looked her over.
......* Amber tried to right herself, but her feet slid from beneath her on the shiny wooden floor. Damn her fashionable new black boots with their spool heels. Each movement brought her face closer to Gideon’s bulging groin, and her heart thudded against her ribs as heat filled her whole body. But just before her cheek finally touched his crotch, he hoisted her upwards and perched her on his knee.
......* “It’s okay, Miss Carpenter. Doesn’t look like anything’s broken.”
......* She bridled as he perused her body, his gaze settling upon her breasts, which now bulged conspicuously beneath her jacket, pushed there by her corset, which had slid upwards when she fell.
......* The intensity of his gaze and the crushing corset made her lightheaded. She was aware of every part of her body, and her skin was on fire. Beneath her bottom, his leg was hard and strong, and she wondered how it would look naked against her own shapely thigh.
......* A tingling began between her legs. Amber’s breathing quickened, and with each breath, her bosoms rose higher, attracting the attention of both Gideon and Harry, the latter having been woken by the dramatic stopping of the train.
......* Her nipples grazed the lace edging of her corset, her gauzy chemise offering little protection from the stiffened weave. But instead of being unpleasant, the sensation just aroused her further.

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..Thank you for joining us here today, Amber Carpenter! It was a pleasure getting to know about you, the story you're in, and your author.

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Hey CR! Thanks so much for having the naughty Amber over! Wanton woman that she is! Have a great Xmas!