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29 October 2014

A Look At Elizabeth Monvey & 'My Alien Boyfriend' @evernightpub #gay #erotic #scifi #rotg

Today we have author Elizabeth Monvey visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
* I’ve traveled back and forth across the US about five times, so I use a lot of my experiences and observations in my stories. I must admit I prefer the west coast because I love the warmth of Southern California and the misty magic of the Pacific Northwest.

What book are you going to tell us about today? Is it part of a series? If so, what's the order the books should be read in?
* “My Alien Boyfriend” was just released through Evernight Publishing and is part of the My Boyfriend Is… series. It’s book three, but they don’t have to be read in order. They are all stand alone Romance on the Go stories, which means they are short and down-right sexy! All the books are around 30-40 pages, just long enough to get your erotica romance fix at lunch or go to bed with pleasant dreams.
* The books are: My Werewolf Boyfriend (Book 1), My Vampire Boyfriend (Book 2), My Alien Boyfriend (Book 3). Coming Soon is My Ghostly Boyfriend (Book 4), and I’m working on book 5 right now.

How'd you/your muse come up with this story?
* The drive between LA and Las Vegas is about five hours, and the turning of the wheels can be monotonous. I come up with a lot of ideas when I’m driving because I don’t have any distractions like Facebook. On one of these trips I came up with the idea of My Werewolf Boyfriend, and the title just evolved into different story lines.

Describe the hero in five words.
* Mace Smith: Alien, compassionate, curious, loves Parker.

Describe the second hero in five words.
* Parker Iwata: Human, in love, proud, strong

Who's your favorite character in the book & why?
* Hmm…that’s tough. I love both characters. Maybe Mace because he’s willing to give up his happiness to make sure Parker lives. I love the strength of love, and there’s nothing as strong as sacrifice.

What's your favorite line in the story?
* Parker tells Mace, “I guess I’ll be your alien boyfriend now.”

A look into the story
~ Blurb ~
* Parker Iwata loves his boyfriend, Mace Smith, and he trusts in the knowledge that they are honest with one another on everything. Although they had a whirlwind romance, he knows that Mace is the man he’s going to be with forever.
* But one tragic accident changes everything.
* Mace Smith is not from this world. He’s a visitor, one that has special powers to bring Parker back from the brink of death. But in doing so, he must give up everything and leave Earth. Can he possibly convince Parker to go with him back to his world?
~ Excerpt ~
* They melted into each other, their mouths coming together, lips and tongues anxious to devour one another. Parker was lost in Mace’s hot mouth dominating his. Mace slid his hand up Parker’s thigh to find and squeeze his cock through his pants. He gasped as Mace massaged the hardness before moving to the zipper. In a few seconds, his hand slid under the waistband. There wasn’t much room in the jeans so Mace couldn’t do much except brush Parker’s cock with his fingertips. Parker shifted, trying to get closer to Mace, groaning in frustration when the denim didn’t give way. Mace withdrew his hand.
* “Get your clothes off,” Mace ordered as he grabbed hold of his own cock and began to leisurely stroke himself.
* Parker got to his knees and unbuttoned his shirt, slowly. He batted his eyelashes in a flirtatious manner. “Why? Do you want to fuck my ass?”
* He lightly slapped one jean-clad cheek.
* “You know I do. Clothes. Off. Now.”

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Thank you for joining us here today, Elizabeth Monvey! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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