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09 December 2015

A look at Austyn Sherrie & 'Love Resurrected' @austynsherrie @WildRosePress #SweetRomance

Today we have author Austyn Sherrie visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?
Austyn Sherrie is a high school Language Arts teacher by day and a romance writer by night. When she’s not teaching students, or taking care of her husband, sixteen-year-old son, and cat named Dracula, she’s in her office penning stories close to her heart. She is the author of eleven novels, and several journal articles under different pen names.

Today Austyn Sherrie will be talking about what sparked the idea for her series and this story.
* Love Resurrected was sparked by my love of everything that encompasses theater, and the idea of childhood sweethearts resurrected lost love. Prior to my career as a high school teacher I worked in theater. I’ve always loved the idea of romance blooming in the creative atmosphere of live production, so with a little push from my muse, I wrote the first story in a (3) book series - Center Stage.
* My hope is that my readers come to love Julia and Parker in Love Resurrected as much as I do. The thought of resurrecting lost love amongst the backdrop of a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar warms my heart. I hope the story touches my readers in the same way it did me.
A look into...

Title: Love Resurrected | Series Name: The Center Stage Series
Theme(s): Reunion, Second Chance Love | SubGenre(s): Contemporary | Imprint: Sweetheart
Rating: Sweet (PG) | Length: Rosette | Page Count: 79 | Word Count: 18000 | Digital Price: $1.99
Praise for Austyn Sherrie
“Austyn Sherrie captures readers with charming characters and a quick wit. I highly recommend her stories.” ~ Johanna Riley, author of For the Love of Matty
“This author is one to most certainly keep your eye on, her writing keeps you intrigued and she demonstrates creativity with her story lines, characterization, and adorable humor. I am definitely going to keep reading Austyn Sherrie.” ~ Susan Tkaczuk
~ Blurb ~
* Parker Davenport is the best actor in Broadway Theater. Although he’s achieved golden status as the romantic lead in various productions, he still aches for the woman he left standing at the altar eleven-years earlier. He accepts the lead role in a well-known revival as a way of winning back Julia Sloan’s heart.
* Julia Sloan is an actress with the voice of an angel with a reputation for giving an emotional performance that leaves not a dry eye in its wake. She jumps at the opportunity to work with a famous director as a lead vocalist in a play. A barrage of emotional turmoil breaks loose when she discovers the man who failed to appear on their wedding day is the lead actor. Will she forgive him and accept their resurrected love?
~ Excerpt ~
* Her stomach clenched with excitement as she made her way toward the alley to find the backstage door. Under the guidance of famed director Jacqueline Van Busen, Julia would learn technique in its rawest form. A desire every serious theater actress yearned for.
* In her anticipation, she hauled open the door, beelined through the entrance, and headed down the narrow hallway toward the stage. Her body tingled with eagerness as she walked onto the round platform.
* After a quick familiarization of her surroundings, she scanned the theater looking for Ms. Van Busen, but instead of finding the director, she found something else. Correction, someone else.
* You’ve got to be kidding me.
* She did a double and then a triple take.
* Her heart palpitated, as if it’d stopped a beat. The intense gaze of his familiar green eyes hit her first. Like a freaking ton of bricks. Memories of why she’d never returned to Orlando for more than a few days each year flooded her. Choking back the urge to be sick, she bit back a gasp to keep from drowning in her own emotions. The words her therapist told her to never forget whispered in her mind. A man can only hurt you if you allow it.
* She pulled herself together at least for the present time. A once-over of him couldn’t hurt. So she let her gaze roam.
* Parker Davenport, looking like a Greek god, leaned against one of the prop pieces and stared. A lock of ebony hair swept across his forehead, and a stray piece plastered against his brow. His form-fitting jeans hugged every inch of his sturdy body. He wasn’t bulky muscular, just down-right perfect. His white T-shirt clung to his body, and the patches of sweat near his armpits and neck even looked sexy.
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Thank you for joining us here today, Austyn Sherrie! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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