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06 January 2016

a New Year hop with goodies! #Hello2016

* We’re ringing in the New Year with lots of giveaways! And by sharing some fun and wacky facts about ourselves. There’s a new giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!
* Hello! My name is C.R. Moss, and here are some interesting things about me...
* 1. I like to travel.
* 2. My favorite type of vacation is a cruise.
* 3. In 2014 I visited four states and two different countries, one of them twice.
* 4. My favorite place to travel to used to be Las Vegas, until I made it my home.
* 5. Regarding a different type of travel, one of my favorite genres to read/write is time travel. In fact, time travel reading/writing (too bad we can't do it for real, right?) will be my focus in 2016. :)
* How about you? Do you like to travel? Do you like time travel stories? For this blog hop, I'll be giving away a choice of any one of my books in PDF format so comment and use the rafflecopter below to enter!

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Debbie Haupt said...

Thanks for the meet and greet! I also love time travel reads

ShirleyAnn said...

Time Travel is one of my favourite genre's I not sure about going backwards in time maybe for just a day or so but I'd love to see the future.


Patty Curry said...

I love to travel and read books from all over the world !

Life Without Frank said...

Love time travel books!