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27 November 2011

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Wild West Weekend ~ 5.2 ( @crmoss #sixsunday @6_Sunday )

#5 of Six Sentences over six weeks from 'Wild West Weekend'

     Whereas Dak, with his lighter, gold-streaked hair and commanding blue eyes, was her peer, a man of understanding and compassion. She loved his toned leanness from years of hard work, the way the lines crinkled around his eyes when he smiled. There was a straightforward way about him that set her soul and demeanor at ease. Dakota was a man prone to great kindness.
     It would be so easy to settle down and claim the ranch as her home. If he were to ask her to stay, she wouldn’t hesitate to say yes this time.

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Alix said...

Great six.

Krystal Wade said...

Nice six. Stay this time...did she leave him before?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd hesitate either, Dakota sounds like quite a guy. Like the hint of the back story. Excellent excerpt!

christine warner said...

Oh, I enjoyed this six! Definitely am hoping he asks her to stay. Your description was excellent.

Vivien Dean said...

Good description! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jennifer Wilck said...

I like him. I hope she says yes.

Lila Shaw said...

That was a lovely description of Dakota.