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29 January 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ Wild West Weekend ( #sixsunday @6_Sunday @rmsotera @evernightpub )

Six Sentences from Wild West Weekend

     She fingered the chain down to a ring looped on it and touched the piece of jewelry. A soft smile played at her lips. The boy who had lived on the ranch and given her the ring was probably married with children by now. It’d be too bad. From what she remembered, Dakota was a good looking guy.
     The one who got away.

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Karysa Faire said...

I so hope Dakota's available. At least for the weekend. ;-)

Paula Martin said...

Maybe he didn't 'get away' after all?

Alix Cameron said...

Oh the lamenting frustration over the one that got away, but I'm hoping Paula is right. ;) Great six.

Jessica Subject said...

Very intriguing. I want to know what he's like now. :)

DeAnna Felthauser said...

Intrigued! What if he's married with children hmm? Great six!