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19 June 2012

Tuesday Tea ~ Road Trip & Reviews ( @RomConInc @rmsotera @evernightpub #romcon )

Hi all!
I'm getting excited. RM Sotera (my writing partner) and I are gearing up for our road trip to Denver, CO where RomCon 2012 will be. We're really looking forward to this convention! We'll be plugging our book Wild West Weekend and talking up our works-in-progress for the Double D Ranch series. If you're in the Denver area, the book signing on Saturday night is open to the public, and we'll have copies of our book that we'll be selling. Check out deets about the convention at RomCon's Website. She and I are also helping out at a handful of fun events during the convention. We'll be in our cowgirl outfits (cowboy hats, jeans, boots) for the events. Well, at least I'll be in western gear for the events, there'll be one or two events where RM will be in a different costume...but I'm going to leave what she's dressing up in as a surprise. ;) I'm hoping I'll have a bunch of pictures to share with y'all when I return from the trip!
I also wanted to mention that we received a couple more awesome (5 star) reviews on Wild West Weekend. One was posted by LP Briggs -Denver Lady. According to the review, she'd been following us on twitter, learned we're attending RomCon and read the book. She really enjoyed it & the characters and can't wait to meet us. LP, we can't wait to meet you, too, and sign your copy! Thanks for your readership! There was also a review from Joseph and he said the humor was killer. Thanks Joseph! We're happy you enjoyed the book and decided to give it a plug! To see the full reviews, visit Evernight Publishing and click on the Reviews tab below the cover and basic book info.
Thanks for visiting & for your readership everyone! & if you're gonna be at RomCon, come find us and say "howdy!"

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